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Chapter 837 - Discovered

"This is the last part of our mission and also the most dangerous one, from the intelligence we have gathered and intelligence provided to us by the Guild, we can guess that there are 1200 to 1400 Violet Stripped Serpantmen present in that launchpad." The leader said as she forwarded the mission details to us.

It had been twelve days since we have come to this dangerous Marsh and already had finished two missions with the only single casualty.

In both missions, our teams did it well, especially Ashlyn, who had killed all the low-level Grimm Monsters in two minutes of battle starts, which helped everyone immensely that we had finished battle within ten minutes.

My strength also has advanced, I have become a Three-Star Golden Elite, and with the aid of my Totem Artifact, I could now exhibit the power of Five Star Golden Elite, but this is not my biggest gain of the past twelve days.

My biggest gain is Refining Energy; I now could refine quite an amount of Energy while fighting. So, as long as I did not go too far with the Method Energies, they will now last me the whole battle as I continue refining them.

"For this mission, everybody has to be careful." The leader said, "We will be facing a huge number of Grimm Monsters, our highest numbers yet." she added solemnly.

Everyone nodded, facing fourteen hundred Grimm Monsters is no joke, we are not careful and hadn't planned properly, we all could get exterminated by the Grimm Monster and our dead bodies eaten by them, which is a worse thing than death.

After the solemn warning, the team leader started outlining the battle strategy; it is similar to previous but also different. The strategy is being outlined to micro-level, from the place we will be entering the Camp to what Grimm Monsters you will be facing.

When I heard the strategy for the first mission, I was quite shocked at how the team leader was able to predict the power of the Grimm Monster we would face after we entered their camp.

The thing is when you have enough intelligence about the enemy. It is very easy to predict their movements down to point what they will eat at night to who they will talk too much less who they will attack when their camp is broken.

"Does anyone have any questions about strategy?" Leader asked again, seeing everyone shaking their heads in no, "Let's go then, it is time for us to kill some Grimm Monster." said the team leader.

A few seconds later, we flew out of the hidden abode and moved toward the launchpad of the Grimm Monster. It is still dark outside as the first mission, but instead of it being early in the evening, it is closer to the dawn.

We have decided to launch an attack at dawn as Violet Stripped Serpantman are the nocturnal species, and they started to sleep an hour before dawn, so this is the best time to launch an attack when most of these monsters are sleeping.

Time passed by, and one and half hour later,

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