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Chapter 820 - FeatherLight II

As I entered the Hotel Room, I went directly for the shower. Though it may be a waste of time in the small time I had, I had to take it without it. I would not feel refreshed and calm, which is necessary before I start practicing that dangerous Method.

Everything that had happened to me too much and it had tensed me quite much, I just wanted to feel good for a few minutes before I started doing another dangerous thing.

I got out of the shower and only to find Ashlyn eating the food I've ordered, seeing that a smile couldn't help but appear on my face. Everything else may change, but she will never change, and seeing something that never changes no matter what happened, I felt good.

I looked at her for a minute before I walked toward the Practice Room of the Hotel room I've booked. They may have taken five times more from me, but the services they are offering are also very great.

Everything here is a state of the Art, including a flexible formation sheet. Unlike the already carved formation sheet, this can be carved any time, here I will have to draw the formation of the small surface.

It will appear on the bigger one, and after finishing the drawing, I will have to add the formation ink to the valve, and it will spread over the formation like a normal formation sheet.

This process may seem complicated, but it is not. It is very time efficient and less prone to Mistakes, which happens many times when one draws the formation directly from the formation of ink.

It took me twenty minutes to draw the formation and double-checked it. After I finished drawing it, I started to make the formation ink, and this time, I've added a hundred drops of White Grade Origin Water, I would have added more, but it is the limit of what it can bear.

After making the formation ink, I unload half into the valve before I move toward the center of the formation. I could see the ink spreading through every rune in the formation.

After seeing ink had spread into every rune equally, I started to draw the formation on my nake body, this is a process that takes the most time, but as one has to be very careful as drawing runes on the floor and drawing runes on the body is an entirely different thing.

It took me nearly an hour to completely draw the formation on me. If it had been the formation of my other Mystic Method, I wouldn't have taken me more than twenty minutes, the formation of Featherlight is quite complex.

After drawing the formation, I started to put materials in their places, and I have to say the material needed for the skills is quite huge.


As I put all the things in their places, I activated the formation and watched, the 1st level of every Mystic Method took longer and other levels as it made the base for other levels.

Unlike my previous Mystic Method, where the Sand acted as the main ingredient and all the other ingredients mixed this Method did not

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