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Chapter 823 - Team 52

"Now that everyone is here, let's start on the Mission." Said the redhead tapped a few buttons on the table and next moment, my projection and info got replaced with the map on which three points are flashing.

"This time we have to receive the mission of 'Extremely Hard difficulty,' we have to exterminate three Gold Level Launching pads of Grimm Monsters in the Sulfur Marsh." Said redhead as she moved her, and multiple windows flashed toward all 36 people that are sitting on the table, including me.

But I am not one bit looking at the doc.u.ment that appeared in front of me and my mind is still processing the 'Extremely Hard difficulty' word that she had said.

In the Warzone there are seven types of difficulties in the mission, Easy, Medium, Hard, Very Hard, Extremely Hard, Slaughter, and Doom, and 99% Missions that allotted through the Warzone are from the first three Grand difficulties which are Easy, Medium and Hard and even these missions people lost their lives regularly.

The Missions above first three Grade are difficult, the teams get exterminated through it, so when she mentioned 'Extremely Hard difficulties' so casually my whole body started to shake, and I felt like either I've lost my mind, or these people lost theirs that even 'Extremely Hard' is not phasing these people even a bit.

I am panicking without reason; before coming here, I have seen fatality statistics of this Warzone from Rachel's holowatch and knew how many people during these missions, in Extremely Hard difficulty mission getting the whole team exterminated is a common thing.

"As you see on file in front of you, that each of these launch pads has at least a thousand Golden Elites, our mission is to kill all the Grimm Monsters and destroy the teleportation formation which is inside," she said. Everyone started to read the files in front of them in a serious mood.

I also controlled my fear and started reading, but I had just read half a page when I started shaking again. When I first heard there are thousand Golden Elite, I thought most of them would be low level ones, and would be easily killed by use, but when I looked, the level distribution that is written cold sweat started spreading through my body.

About 30% Golden Elites in these launching pads are Five Star above, which means we will face 300 Golden Elites that are Five Star and above.

'Are they trying to kill us?' I asked myself, as I looked like a number, it would be a complete slaughter if we went against them, but when I looked around, I found these people were still reading carefully and their shaking could be seen in their mind.

They are analyzing every detail like I did before I used to go to the hunting ground, it seemed like a regular routine of them.

"How much time do we have to finish it?" Asked one Nine Star Golden Elite, "Three weeks." said redhead when she said it, her expressions were quite unnatural.

"What, jus

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