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Chapter 834 - Battle Ends


I landed on the ground after killing the Seven Star Golden Elite and looked toward the two Six Star Elite Grimm Monsters toward whom I had thrown knives second before.

When I looked toward them, I saw their bodies falling on the ground with terror on their face. Seeing that I couldn't help but take a sigh of relief, to kill these Grimm Monsters, I've used everything Ive.

I've used the last bit of my method energies on them, if one of them had been alive, then I would have had to ask Ashlyn for help.

After taking a couple of deep breaths, I changed the refinement of energy in the refinement engine.

Till now, I had been refining Black Cosmic Energy, which I could not use before I gathered one petal full of it, but FeatherLight energy did not have such restriction, which is why I am giving priority to it.

The battle in front of me is ending, but I still remain vigilant as there are still forty-something Equal Rhinomen are fighting, and all of them are crazy strong, all of them are Seven Star Golden Elite, and above, so I have to be ready if anyone dares to attack me.

I refined as I watched the battle; I did not dare even to collect the body which is close to me. The battle had entered its most heated phase, where both sides were fighting, giving their all.

Just a casual glance could let one see how dangerous battle had become, as some people from both sides had started over drafting the energies. This move would have been very good if Aqua Rhinomen had done it before, but now there is not much use.

The enemies they are facing are not the normal Golden Elites but the members of the Death Brigade, they have experienced many battles as such before and which is why a minute after both sides started to overdraft the energies, the bodies of Aqua Rhinomen had begun to fall again at Rapid pace.

Two minutes later, the last Aqua Rhinoman who tried to run was killed by the Team leader's arrow.

"Good Job everyone," Teamleader said she landed on the ground and walked toward the split body of the human, from thirty-eight we have become thirty-seven, in this battle we have lost one of our teammates.

His loss was great, not only became the member of an already small team but he was also an Eight Star Golden Elite, he died in one of the initial stages of the battle, a few seconds before Ashlyn had taken the air.

The team leader did not say anything as she took out the coffin and placed the spit body of our teammates in it before storing the coffin back into her storage.

"You have ten minutes to clean the battlefield. The Grimm Monster from other Aqua Rhinoman will come soon." said the leader.


We have destroyed the Teleportation gate; the other side should have been aware of that and would send reinforcements soon.

It is a perfect thing to use humans that there is great tribalism between the tribes of the Grimm Monster. They hate each other an

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