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Chapter 832 - RUN!

Puchi Puchi Puchi…

Another three knives pierced through the Six Star Golden Elites Aqua Rhinoman, who were fighting against my teammate.

These knives are super fast and could easily kill any Six Star Golden Elites immediately as long as they hit their vital spots. Even if they did not hit their vital spots, they would still die, but the process would be a little slow, and their death would be very painful.

I again moved my hand and about to take out more knives from my storage when I stopped midway.

'I will really have to learn to use the Refinement Engine at will.' I thought. I am running out of my method energy, especially the energy of the Domain of Withering Sand.

There are only two petals worth energy had remained, which I can't use as I will need it for emergencies. I wish I could refine more energies right now, and unlike others, I don't have to wait for energies to acc.u.mulate inside me.

As long as I am refining one type of energy and I have a base of that energy inside me, my refinement Tower will help suck that energy from the Tower during the refinement, so for more energy as I need to do activated my Refinement Engine. I will have all the Method Energies I will need.

But it is easier to be said than done, it is extremely hard to use Refinement Engine without having full concentration on it, but it looks like I will have to learn anyhow as in such dangerous battles, I will need all the Method Energies I could get my hands on.

With those thoughts, I focused on my refinement Engine while watching the battle on the sidelines. Me joining battle without the help of Mystic Methods is pure suicide, every Grimm Monster fighting there is Six Star Golden Elite at the least, if I want to fight there then I will need my Mystic Energies.

I concentrated on my Refinement Engine, but I also stayed concentrated on the battle, I don't want to be caught off guard when a powerful Grimm Monster attacked me.

While I am watching on the sidelines, Ashlyn is fully engrossed in the battle. She had been throwing fireballs from above distracting Grimm Monsters during the fight, thus giving my teammates a chance to kill them.

She was even able to kill the few Six Star Golden Elite Aqua Rhinomen as her fireballs seep in their skulls and heart.

Aqua Rhinomen are power Grimm Monsters and with high defense, and when it comes to fire attacks, their defense even higher, so it is quite commendable that she was able to kill some Aqua Rhinomen.

Seeing her harassing tactics and her mass killing of Aqua Rhinomen, many Rhinomen got angry and started to follow her into the sky. Many of them manage to avoid the Team Leaders Arrows, but they are never able to catch her.

Seeing a powerful monster coming, she would always conceal her aura and hide in a big cloud, even Aqua Rhinoman, who had power above Golden Elite, unable to find her in the cloud.

I could still remember its roar o

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