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Chapter 824 - Sulfur Marsh

I muttered as the speed of my teammates slowed down by little as we passed the boundary of Heim, from here we will encounter monsters.

The speed of ours is still fast, but I do not have to use my all to maintain my speed with my teammates. We started to fly over the forest without hiding ourselves, many Grimm Monsters attacked us on the way, including one Nine Star Golden Elite but it was split into two by a blue-haired young man before it got a chance to say anything.

The Grimm Monster and the body were at the same level, and their battle power was also the same, but the attack had happened so fast that I am barely able to catch what had happened.

It was a good thing I had switched to the Red vision before the attack had happened; otherwise, I would not have been able to catch a glimpse of such a strong attack.

I've seen the Nine Star Golden Elites fight, but they were never this fast, and the most fantastic thing about this attack is that Blue Haired boy did not use any skill or Mystic Method. He did all this with its own skill.

Even if I can't do that if I come across any Two Star Golden Elite if I had come across Two Star Elite, I would need at least five moves to kill it, and execution wouldn't be this smooth.

That was the first time I've got the Glimpse of the power of the members of Death Brigade, and the fear I was feeling about this 'Extremely Hard' mission had lessened a little.

Time passed by, and soon dawn came, but we still did not stop, we continued without slowing our speed, and finally, when late morning approached, we slowed down and started to land, and we have finally reached Sulfur Marsh.

Though our destination is deep in the Sulfur Marsh, we will have to move though the ground.

This time also there was no command, nothing. All people landed silently without making any sound and started to move into the forest cautiously and swiftly. When I observed them, I was shocked to find that all their stealth is amazing.

They are not using any method; they had just completely sealed their aura and began to walk into the March or sometimes crawl and swim when the Grass is not big enough to hide them.

I covered myself with killing energy and mud like them as I started to follow them. It felt extremely yucky to cover the mud over the body since everyone had done it, including redhead, I've followed their suit too.

It is good that I decided to observe each of them before I had started applying mud on my body as some of them had used quite ingenious tricks. They had covered themselves with a thin but very concentrated layer of mana before applying the mud on their body.

This trick may seem simple, but it is extremely hard as of the thirty-eight people only five successfully able to do that while twelve made some mistakes. This trick not only needs pure mana but an extremely high level of control over it also.

One has to create a very thin l

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