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Chapter 821 - Dangerous Potion

Time passed by, and finally, I was able to fill Violet feathers to the brim and also acc.u.mulate the reserve energy to the limit.

When I first felt the power of the Dark Violet energy, I had thought I would not be able to reserve more than 5% of Dark Violet Energy, but to my surprise, I was able to reserve 15%, which is amazing.


I looked at the feather for a few moments before I opened my eyes and saw my holowatch and couldn't help but sigh. The practice of method took nearly four hours from me, and now I have only an hour before I have to go to the guild.

An hour of barely anything for things I had to do, still I will be able to do it one thing if I manage time well but before I have to check the power.

"Let's see how powerful this Mystic Method is," I said and took a tiny amount of energy from the feather, just as I did, faint violet lines appeared on my body. I felt my body filled with the gentle energy which could bring out the explosive power.

I did not activate that energy as I walked toward the end of the practice hall. This practice hall is quite big, same as the big practice hall I've had back in my apartment, so it should be enough to test the speed.


I took a deep breath as I activated energy as I made a run, but next moment, everything had turned blur in front of me, and I crashed on the wall of another side with a loud bang.


I cursed through the bloodied mouth as I felt my broken bones, as not only bones of my body had broken, but bones of the nose had also been broken, but despite that, there was no anger in my but a bright smile which looked quite hideous with my broken face.

I drank the healing before standing up shakingly, waiting for my injuries to heal, a few seconds later, all of my injuries got healed, and I became good as new.


I again took the energy from the feather, but this time, the amount is even less than last time. After making sure everything was right again and activated energy and made a run, this time everything had turned blue, but unlike last time, this time, I was able to stop myself colliding against the wall barely.

I tried again and again with skill and finally was able to get a good idea about the Method and my limit to use it.


I started to smile happily, till now my future seemed bleak to me that I did not know if I will be able to survive the mission where all the people ar Six Star Gold Elite or above but now with this skill, I see hope in surviving, though the hope slim, it still made me ecstatic as it is better than the absolute death.

I still remember the look in the deacon eyes which said there is no way I could survive the mission, but with this, I will have some hope.

After refining all the Violet energy I had spent, I took out some alchemical ingredients and instruments. I did not have time to make the strengthening potion as it wi

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