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Chapter 838 - Replesendent

"Ashlyn Go!"

I said as just as the drill opened hole big enough for Ashlyn to pass through. This time when Ashlyn came out of me, she did not chirp, she swiftly entered the hole and sped toward the formation with the speed that could only be described as blurring.

Usually, I did not let Ashlyn out unless the whole forcefield is broken as this way, she would have complete mobility to escape but now is not the time to think about that as if I did not take a risk then there is a big chance that we all will be buried here.

Ashlyn moved at the blurring speed, and due to her small size and height, she is flying; even the powerful Grimm Monsters have failed to notice her.

"Will she be able to destroy the formation?" asked the Group leader, I did not answer the group leader question as before Ashlyn reached the teleportation Gate, she had her attack ready and now she was above the gate, she already launched the attack toward the place where I wanted her to be.

Her attack is an extremely small fireball size of the pinky nail, this is her most powerful attack without Method Energy. For it, she did not have to summon a giant fireball. She just concentrates on fire in her mouth.

She did not usually use this move as a compare show move where she could summon hundreds of fireballs and attack at huge quantities. This attack is a single purpose.

Barely any Violet Striped Serpantmen noticed a pinky nail size fireball coming toward the formation gate.

"Watc" BOOOM!

Some had noticed and opened the mouth to give a warning but at that time it had already become late as the Teleportation Gate exploded in the replacement explosion.

The explosion was huge so that it had not only wholly vaporized the Violet Stripped Serpantmen that closely surrounded it but its shockwave had destroyed the forcefield that was enveloping the camp of the Grimm Monsters.

Even we who had been outside of the forcefield had felt the shock and had to take a couple of steps back.

The explosion had been huge that shocked the hell out of me, who already knew something like this happened when attacked on the energy storage of it.

There are multiple spots on the Teleportation Gate where one could attack to disable directly.

The leader always attacked the core which also destroyed the teleportation gare, but on the minor scale and materials of the teleportation gate did not get damaged too much.

But the spot I attacked it called the energy storage, it where all the energy crystals are stored and when one attacked it with a powerful attack, it destroys the whole shit that not even a tiny part could be salvaged which is regretful as each part of the teleportation gate offers the huge price.

"Team leader?" said my group leader as he looked at me angrily, as a team leader was close to the Teleportation, she is not that close but close enough to get heavily injured or die if she is unlucky.

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