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Chapter 818 - Black Market


The door of the car closed, and it sped past me as it dropped me off in front of the small church-like building. If I did not know it is an entrance to the Black Market, I would have thought it was some church.

I am having a problem thinking about the entrance of the Black Market through the church, it feels quite ironic. The one who set up such an entrance must have a good sense of humour.

But seeing there were tens of people entering inside, I started to walk toward the entrance. The Black Market of the Warzone is completely different, not that I went to the black marks of other areas.

From the map Deacon has provided, the black market seemed to have many entrances. I picked this place because it was closest.


I entered inside like everyone else as I did, I found there are multiple teleportation formations packed in small space, there are a total of four teleportation formation, and before each teleportation formation, there is the huge disk where people are throwing a huge number of mana crystals people entering inside.

Unlike the teleportation I saw in the exit of the Airport, there is no need to scan id here and show the pass, as long as I put the Mana crystals into the disk I would be allowed to enter the Black Market.


I watched for a few seconds before I walked toward the teleportation gate and unloaded the three hundred thousand mana crystals that I needed. Just as I did, I heard a buzz and walked into the teleportation formation.

"Good God!"

Everything turned black for a moment before another scene appeared in front of my eyes, seeing that I couldn't help but mutter in shock.

When I entered the city, I first thought I would be teleporting to some secret location which was very hidden, likely underground, but I did not expect it to be wide open.

The teleportation formation had teleported me outside the Warzone, I am currently inside a small city size forcefield dome, in here everywhere I look I saw all types of Stores from street peddlers selling on space to the high-end supermarkets that expensive stuff that even I could not buy.

These Stores sell all kinds of stuff, from the expensive Monster to contraband drugs, everything is available, no wonder people prefer the black market to buy some not so legal stuff.

I felt quite lost seeing such a scene but also felt the desire to explore, but I quickly squashed it down and opened the map that Deacon had given me and walked toward the Store she had mentioned.

Soon I reached the Hearsay that Deacon had mentioned, its big store and when I looked at ist catalog, I found it boasted quite an impressive collection. It sold everything, Artifacts, Information, Methods, Herbs you name it.

"Excuse me, can you point me toward the Xavier." I asked the girl who was sitting on the help desk, "Please wait a minute. I will call him for you." she said my inquiry. I nodded and

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