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Mournful screams of the White Serpentman rang out a Black Sand Cloud enveloped it. The screams are so mournful and piercing that I wanted to cover my eyes with my hands.

I had never seemed any Grimm Monsters so mournfully as White Serpentman when I used to harvest the life of them, they did not scream these bad.


I pierced its chest with my sword and put my hands on its shoulder, stopping the attack of Black Cloud. This is peak Two Star Golden Elite that could give me a shit load of Mana crystals; it would be very unwise if I let all the Mana Stones to ash.

The condition of the White Serpentman has become quite wretched when I put out my Mystic Method off it; it looked like monsters from horror movies. It is not as bad as it seemed. In this condition, I would get just slightly less Mana Crystals than I would have got from it's peak condition.

"Thank You!"

Said a blue-haired girl, she is the same girl who was fighting against three White Serpentman earlier, with me killing two of the White Serpentman, she did not have much problem in killing the last one.

"No Problem," I said, though it would have been quite difficult for them to kill the Three Tow Star Elite Grimm Monsters, it would not have been hard to run away with her strength.

"Ok see you then,"

She said and flew away if it were the normal times, she would have talked little more, but right now we are amidst the battle, it is not a very suitable place for a talk.

Seeing her gone, I looked around the Battlefield search for the opponent. With my fight with the White Serpentman, I know killing Two Star Golden Elite is not a problem for me, but I don't think I could fight against Three Star Golden Elite yet.

So, I first fight a few Tow Star Golden Elite and only fight Three Star Golden Elite when I have confidence as power between each level is immense, and I want to bite more than I chew.

With that thought, I had extended my senses, and a bit later, I sensed a Grimm Monster is coming toward me, and It is Three Star Golden Elite. Sensing its battle power, I wanted to run away, but when I looked at the Grimm Monster, I stopped suddenly.

It's Frost Oxman; it looked like ice and gave off a very threatening aura even from a distance. On its back, it had a huge sword, which is five meters long; such a big sword is sufficient for most people fighting on the battlefield.

The two Grimm Monsters I've fought till now were speed and agility type and had not truly satiated my hunger for a direct clash; this Frost Oxman would be perfect for me to test my strength in a direct sword to sword clash.

If this Frost Oxman turns out too strong then, I will run, and I am confident that I will be able to run away from it with my life in my hands.

"Good good, you true Warrior, not like a weakling that ran just after seeing," said Frost Oxman. It is Six meters tall but light blue Armor of ice covering its body and blue mist lingering acr

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