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"You should feel honored that your sacrifice will pave the way for me to reach the level of Admentine."

I wanted to know what Admentine is so excited about, but unfortunately, I couldn't as I am completely immobilized that I couldn't even twitch my finger much less talk.

"Now experience the power of my Life, Extraction Art!" It said with a crazed expression before it closed its eyes in concentration.

Seeing it closing its eyes, I had also become serious and asked Ashlyn to be ready. With its eyes closed, this is the perfect moment for asking Ashlyn to attack as it would catch it off guard, and for some strange reason, I decided to wait for a little before asking for Ashlynn's help but kill this Crimson Eyes Hyenaman.

For a minute, nothing had happened, but suddenly, I saw Ghostly Green Threads glowing, and inside me, each of each thread an illusory mouth had appeared, which looked quite scary.


I cursed in my mind when suddenly an immense pain shot through my body and soul. It is like somebody is trying to suck my body and soul, and that is what happens to me. Whatever this Life Extraction Art is, it is sucking my everything.


I was about to ask Ashlyn for help when I stopped again, and this time it is not because I have some strange feeling but because the Chaos Crushing Holy Tower inside me had started to react.

It had started to glow resplendently, and tiny green runes started to release from it, there are thousands and thousands of Green Runes started to release from it. These runes started to spread to my body and soul before attaching to the hundreds of Ghostly Green Threads.

As they started to attach themselves, the color of strings began to change from Ghostly Green to Vibrant Green, which makes them feel full of life, unlike the Ghostly Green Threads, which gives the feeling of death.

While all these changes are happening, the Ghostly Green Threads, Crimson Eyed Hyenaman, remained oblivious to it. It had its eyes closed and had an expression on its face, which tells it is enjoying the most delicious thing in the world.

While it seemed to be in heaven, I feel I am in hell. I am feeling immense pain right now, and the essence of my soul and body is getting sucked by the Grimm Monster.

I wanted to stop this process so badly as the pain of getting my life sucked. The pain is too immense, but I did not as I very much want to see what the Tower is doing.

It is a very foolhardy choice as every second I did not take action, my strength is decreasing, not only my strength but life is too as it is sucking my life.

The Toward kept releasing more and more runes, and these runes kept attaching themselves to the Ghostly Green Strings. After a one and a half minute, all the Ghostly Green Strings had become vibrant green strings, and runes have covered all the strings completely.

At the same time, the Tower also stopped releasing the runes, but its glow did not diminish; instead

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