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Chapter 811 - Spar


Two angry voices rang out when I was just about to open my to throw her out of my house, I've had enough of her. If she is going to disrespect me in my home and I keep bearing it.

I have my limit, and if she keeps crossing it, then I will get angry; otherwise, she would consider me wretched, which she could stomp on repeatedly.

"Sarah, apologize to my boyfriend or wait outside the apartment till we leave." Rachel said.

She seemed very angry, so angrily that one could see faint people lighting Arcs traveling through her body. I've never seen her this angry before. Sarah also seemed to be quite shaken by the burst of her anger.

Not only is everyone here quite shaken by the intense anger but also got surprised by her usage of the word 'Boyfriend,' especially now when she is leaving.

She opened her mouth in anger but closed it after seeing the look on her face, her expression of anger morphed into unwillingness as I looked at me, I could see great anger in eyes probably blaming for everything.

"I am sorry."

Sarah said softly; her voice was so soft that I am barely able to hear it. I really wanted to throw her out of my apartment but seeing how Rachel and Jim looking at me, I nodded at Sarah.

"Let's Eat." Rachel said again, and this time everyone silently nodded and walked toward the kitchen table. The two people who had come with Jim's group were planning to wait in the hall, but seeing Rachel's, they accepted Rachel's invitation.

"Hmm, I have to say, Micheal, your cooking skills have vastly improved." Jim praised it; he had received a glare from Sarah, but he did not seem to care about it.

"Thanks," I said. The last time Jim ate the food made by me, I was quite a rookie in cooking that time, but now I have become quite an expert, so, normally, he will feel the change.

Others are also enjoying the food, including Sarah, who had anger on her, but she is still taking one bite after another.

The only ones that did not seem to enjoy food were two people in a white, who had neutral expressions on their faces, but one could still tell that they do not like the food very much.

Well, I can't blame them, they are powerful evolvers from the central continent and would have eating delicacies that would just make me explode If I had so much smelled it.

The dinner was going in silence when suddenly Rachel's ex-boyfriend chimed in, 'So Michael, I've heard that you had become Golden Elite as well, do you want to have little spar after we finished dinner?" Said Samual, hearing that I've become quite surprised.

The only person who knew I had become Golden Elite is Rachel, and when I looked at her, she shook her and looked at the two people who were sitting opposite to us.

Rachel had told me that these people have complete access to Continents records and could see whatever they wanted to see, if they wanted to see my information then it is no big dea

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