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I heaved a sigh of relief seeing the Black Runic Lily in my heart space; the practice of Mystic Method is dangerous; even if everything is going well, something terrible might happen. Many accidents have happened during the practice of the Mystic Method, and many people have lost their lives in it.

I looked at the Runic Lily for a while before I again started refining, I have to refine the Black Cosmic Energy of the Runic Lily through the 2nd Floor of that Tower so that it could become even purer and the power of Mystic Method would also increase.

Sometime later, I had opened my eyes, and there was a smile across my face, all the cosmic energy of lily had been purified, and now it became, even more, blacker and the aura it is sending is very threatening.

If it hit directly on their body, then normal Golden Elites would not survive against this, they would die before they know it.

I now could launch fourteen attacks of my Mystic Method, nine through the lily petals and five through the reserve cosmic energy. I want to use it right now to test its might but I did not as I know I will get a chance very soon.

"Abomination Finally!"

I said as I looked at my Crystal sword in my hand finally, with me reaching the Golden Elite, I have now become perfectly capable of using Totem Artifact and couldn't help but wonder how fun it will be hacking the enemies with it.

The sword weighs 1 Ton, even with the strength of Golden Elite it felt quite heavy. It is not just heavy; the power enhancements it is also amazing as well. As I became Capable of wielding it, I have truly realized how powerful this weapon is and what terror its enhancements are.

With this sword in hand, One Star Golden Elites are not my match; I could kill them like I cut the grass under my feet; only Two Star Golden Elites would be able to be a match against me.

I looked at the beautiful monster for a few seconds and before I started to walk out of the cave. It has been near three hours since I left the battle, and I am sure the battle is not over yet.

There may be only twenty-five hundred thousand people fighting, but they all are powerhouses and killing them is not easy, I was able to cut them like grass under my feet because I was very close to the Golden Elite.

But now I am Golden Elite, and my battlefield would also be different, and my opponents now will be Golden Elites and Golden Elites, no other powerhouses.

On the way out of the cave, I started to cover my body with Fire Armor, but I put it off a few seconds after. As I had expected, Silver Elite was the limit of it; it can't be used further, even with the upgrade of my fire ability, the power it could provide is not much help.

If I want fire Armor to work, then I will have to make the changes from the base, and the first change of that would be the use of runes and which I can't use as I do not have enough power.

The Golden Elite Stage did not have enough power to power up the

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