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Chapter 817 - Criminal II

"Boy, you must have messed up with really wrong people, the Guildmaster said that your conviction order had come from very high." Said the Vice Guildmaster after he finished his call with Guildmaster.

Hearing that, I felt like ground under my feet split apart and fell into the deep abyss. Level 3 Conviction had very serious implications, the most serious of all that I will not be able to use the services from the Guild.

I will not be able to use Guild Facilities to train or use a trading center. My privileges will also be suspended. I will not be able to fly in over the Sky or be able to use the Teleportation Formation, and worst of all, I will call someone my screen will be red, which will tell others I am convicted with Class 3 Crime.

There are only two convictions above Class 3, one Class 2, which leads to Imprisonment and Class 1, which leads to the Execution, some people would prefer to be executed rather than live like this.

'They are really cruel to do something like this to me.' I thought in my mind. When the Vice Guildmaster said I messed with wrong people, it did not take me a second to realize where this conviction came from.

Those two people that had come to bring Rachel have done this. I have never really done anything to them. When they came to my home, I politely talked to them, offered them a meal, though it may be no better than bland soup to them. It was the best I could offer.

And in return, they have utterly humiliated me and pasted Level 3 conviction on me, which would not only taint my reputation but also leave me crippled compared to others as I will not be able to use privileges I had earned with so much hard work.

"Is the Guildmaster unable to do anything?" I asked with a soft defeated voice, Rachel had told me that all the Guildmaster of the S Class Guild come from the Supreme Class Organisation, there is rarely anyone else from other Organisations takes that place.

"He could but he will not as it will anger that Important person who had placed Class 3 Conviction on you," said Vice Guildmaster before cutting a call, his meaning is very clear that I will have to live like a criminal despite not committing any crime.

"Life is hard, and it's not like you are without options. If you can become Platinum, you will get a lot of your privileges back, and if you can become Diamond, then the whole conviction would be erased." said the woman in front of me.

If it were another time, even if I were sad, I would have given her a small smile for her hopeful words, but now I don't even have the energy to move my lips.

"You have been added to the Team 52 of the death Brigade, and your first mission with them will begin at Midnight, but you will have to report to them an hour before that," she said when saying that the emotions in her eyes became even more complicated.

"What is the Death Brigade?" I asked after I got my emotions slightly under cont

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