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A loud voice rang across the sky, and the humans that were going after the Grimm Monsters stopped on their tracks, the moment they heard the order from the women in red.

We have chased the monsters till the end of the Mariana Hills; if we go further we will have to fear the assault of the Grimm Monsters that are guarding the boundary.I could see the relief on the places of the Grimm Monsters as they crossed the last hill and entered the forest that lies ahead of it.

Of all the two hundred thousand Grimm Monsters, little more than five thousand had remained alive, the same goes for about twelve hundred Golden Elites from which only two hundred something had remained.

Only leaders did not have a change in their numbers; they have the same numbers as they have been before.

The Grimm Monsters glared at us in hatred before they started walking toward a big camp in which silhouette could be seen from a distance, only leader Grimm Monsters had remained to keep watch.

This was the disastrous defeat for the Grimm Monsters, some of the worst they have lost in the hands of Milfred. Compared to this result, the last big battle I had fought in the Outpost was hundreds of times better than this result as there they were able to preserve half their numbers in their retreat.

"We will camp here till replacement from the Milfred has arrived." said the girl in Red armor before she landed on the ground, and behind her, we Golden Elites have also landed on the Ground.

There are no silver Elites in Vicinity, the girl in red ordered them to return to Milfred when we reached halfway into the Mariana Hill's, so it would take quite a time before I would be able to see Rachel again.

The leaders seemed to be prepared for the Victory as they took out one after another big piece of artifact and circularly adjusted them and soon, a forcefield in the shape of dome had appeared.

When I looked at the dome shape forcefield, I remembered my time in the First Realm, where I had entered accidentally with thousands of other people. The people from organizations that had been sent to rescue to us have erected a similar type of forcefield.

Though these two force fields may look the same, there is a difference between Sky and Earth between them as one is weak as paper, which others are strong as steel. Here anyone just needs to tap lightly on such a forcefield, and it will break away.

"Take rest everybody, our replacement should arrive by the evening." said little red when she gathered all the Golden Elite and divided us into several batches to take a watch and unluckily, I am in the first batch to take a watch over the camp and will only be able to rest.

It was a good thing I had nothing to do except for making around across the dome, so I called Ashlyn, gave her some snacks, and asked her to keep a watch while I submerged my consciousness into my storage ring and started to sort out storages.

I did not touch the Storage

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