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Chapter 807 - Two Star Golden Elite

One by one, I had opened all the Golden Elite storages, and each has given me a big surprise, there are amazing things present in the storages of the Golden Elites, especially that of the Three Star Golden Elite.

They have really good stuff inside them, I have found many potion materials though them. Though most of these potion materials lacked one ingredient or another, there are two for which I had full ingredients, which will directly make me Golden Elite.

And the best thing is, two of these potions had required Basic Alchemical skills which I have.

In the nine days I have been with Rachel, she has taught me some Alchemy. She had offered it herself and who I am to decline such a good offer from a beautiful girlfriend of mine. Though Rachel's alchemical skills are not praiseworthy, she is an excellent teacher.

With her help, I was able to scratch the surface of alchemy basic's, and as long as I continue practicing, I should be able to get a grasp over fundamentals that would help me craft positions that require a basic skill.

Rachel said that I have a talent for Alchemy, and if I worked hard, I should be able to reach the level of Jim with a few years of hard work. To that, I couldn't help but shake my head.

I have no interest in Alchemy, the reason I learned it is that I did not have to depend on others to craft the difficult potions, as long as I could have those skills I would be satisfied.


I said I finished sorting out all the Golden Elite storages, and I've got really good stuff from them. I would have liked it if they had one Mystic Method or two so I could send it to my parents, as for me, I don't have to search for the Mystic Method anymore now that I have become a Golden Elite.

Every Golden Elite could get one Mystic Method from the Guild or the Adventurers Paradise. So, I do not have to worry about my second Mystic Method, which I am very sure that I can practice with my upgraded constitution.

After I finished with the sorting process, Ive took out several ingredients from my storage and also erected the Alchemy counter from my abode setting. Seeing the Alchemy counter erected, I took out several Alchemy instruments and started making preparation for the potion.

The first potion which I am making from the Scargrow Peony is Pan Strengthening Potion which would strengthen every aspect of me and if I right then it will surely take me to the peak of the One Star Golden Elite at the least, if I can digest it better then I may be even able to become Two Star Golden Elite with the help of it.

This Scargrow Peony potion is quite simple but still requires some Alchemy skill, which I am confident I have. So, there is no worry about me failing in it.

I followed the procedure step by step according to the description, not daring to make a mistake. I am feeling a bit nervous as this is my first time crafting such a complicated form

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