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Chapter 810 - Rude Guests

Thinking that my mood started to brighten up, no matter how big the challenge is, as long as I have the will to do it, I will be able to do it.

"You don't have to worry about the Limit Breaking Method, I've asked them to provide you Limit Breaking Method, they have special limit breaking methods that can be practiced at your level," she said.

"Rach!" I had opened my mouth to reject her offer as even if I don't know much about their Limit Breaking Method, I could guess about their preciousness by the number of Platinum Level powerhouses there are.

In the city where more than a hundred thousand Golden Elites are present, there are only five. Even in the WarZone where people from the Central Continent are present, the Platinums are extremely rare there.

"I know you don't like taking favors from others, but please take this for me." Rachel said as she had put the finger on my lips and only took it off from my lips when I nodded.

"Thank You!"

She said as she moved her neck and gave me a gentle kiss on lips, and all I could do was respond to her kiss while feeling both happy and sad. I am happy because of the Limit Braking Method. I will have a way to break the Limit once I break out of the Golden Elite Level.

And I am sad for the same reason, Rachel herself told me that Limit Breaking Method could only be practiced from the beginning of the Practice, means this Limit Breaking Method is which let me practice at the Golden Elite must be even rarer.

I don't know what she did to get the method from them or what price she has paid.

"Don't worry; I said that if they did not give you the method, they would have to take me to the central continent forcefully against my will." Rachel said with a smile, hearing that I couldn't help but take a sigh of relief and also started to wonder how powerful Rachel's inheritance is that they had accepted to give me the Limit Breaking method at her request.

"Thank You," I said and leaned toward her for another kiss.

Time passed and two days passed in the blink of an eye, there two days we have spent in each other company. Time spent in two days was very memorable, full of happy moments, but there was also sorrow I am feeling for her leaving that I can't seem to get over it.

"Is this your doing?" I asked Rachel as I saw the new mail I've received from the Guild. It is my transfer order to the Warzone. I will be leaving for War Zone No. 13 Heim tonight.

"Yes." she accepted.

After she leaves today, I was also going to leave the apartment. This apartment has too many of her memories, and I don't want them to remember it every second when I was already feeling this sorrowful.

"So, when will they arrive?" I asked while chopping some meat, "In two hours." she replied as she handed me the vegetable she had chopped. I would have liked if two of us had some more time alone, but since four are coming here instead of Rachel going

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