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Chapter 869 - Gathering Intelligence I

It took me two and a half days to reach the Hidden Camp No. 564. It has the same style as the previous hidden Camp, I had been, and if not for me knowing it is a different camp, I would not have been able to identify they are different.

"So will you be going now and after taking rest?" asked Clara, this pretty blond girl who asked me the question is Clara, she is my Guide to hidden camp.

She was already waiting for me when I exited the airship, and for the past hour, we have been discussing the topography around The Station.

"Now would be great, I've taken all the rest I could in the Airship." I replied, "Ok, then let me take you to the Teleportation Gate." she said. With her, I soon reached the hall where the Teleportation gate is.

I had thought since this hidden Camp is the same as the previous Hidden Camp, the Teleportation Hall will be in the same place, but I was wrong, it is in a completely different place.

It is not surprising as that Camps that looked the same are a little different. Keeping all the camps similar would be total idiocy, it will be like telling infiltrating enemies where everything is.

Entering the Teleportation Hall, I felt that same deep shudder, which I felt last time, I mean, who wouldn't.

There are f.u.c.k.i.n.g cannons everywhere. They could easily vaporize anyone in an instant, a sight mistake from the weapon handler, and I would turn into invisible particles before I even knew it.

"Best of Luck!"

Few seconds later the handler activated the Teleportation Gate, and I walked toward it, and just as I was about to take a step inside it, I heard Clara's voice saying best of luck, hearing that I waved my hand before I stepped into the formation.

Next moment, I found myself in a similar-looking Room like before with the same dangerous cannon, just this time a man is handing the Teleportation Gate instead of the women.

"Take the elevator."

He said a second later; I entered the room. I nodded and walked toward one of the elevators that are present at the end of the end. I entered the elevator, and just as I did, its door closed, and it started to move up with extremely fast speed.


The elevator stopped with the Buzz, and when I got out of the elevator and looked where I was, I couldn't help but feel surprised as I found myself inside the trunk of the tree, and there was even notice on how to get out of the trunk.


I just had to scan my holowatch to notice to get out, as I did that, the tree trunk made a small 'khurring' noise before a small door opened through it. Outside the small door, I could see heavy rain falling through the thick trees.

Seeing that, I pressed my hand on my chest, and the next moment, a white bodysuit started to wrap itself around me, from head to toe.

As I wrapped around my body completely, It started changing color rapidly, and second later, it changed itself

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