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Chapter 875 - Initial Level Of Brigadier Stage

After the first session, I rested for three hours before starting again, but this time, I had begun to practice one step closer to the Emerald Kiwis tree, where gravity and energy pressure higher.

I have to practice in places where energy pressure is strong as that where the suppressive energy is thickest which way. I would be able to take more suppressive energy into my body.

This time when I practiced, I did not eat a big piece of energy Monster Core, though the last session the monster core I had eaten had injured my body so deeply that to heal all the injuries, I had to take three hours of rest and that is after I drank my best healing potion.

Before I started training, I had planned on resting for an hour before starting again, but seeing how I wasted three hours just to get myself hyped by death. I concluded that sometimes it is best to work with my confidence than the borrowed threat.

So for the second session, I had eaten the monster core, which was not fatal enough to kill me but threatening enough to make me bleed a little, which is no thread at all.

The second session is also tested for me, to see if I could only accomplish something with a borrowed threat or I have confidence in myself accomplishing it with my own will.

It is a challenge to myself, and I am planning on proving that I did not need borrowed threats all the time to accomplish something good.

So, I popped the piece of the monster core into my mouth before I started practicing, and I have to say it is hard.

It is harder than before as there is more Gravity and the energy pressure, but I am hell bent on proving myself, so I will finish this session with every ounce of energy I have.

Time passed, and I continued practicing; under this pressure, I wanted to give up many times. I nearly did give up two, but both of the times, I reminded myself of the challenge that I gave to myself and continued, and finally, after one and a half later, I completed the challenge I've given to myself.

But that was just the starting, I did not let myself enjoy my accomplishment and give myself even a greater challenge, and that is training in even high gravity and higher pressure.

After taking an hour of rest, I popped another piece of the core into my mouth before starting to practice again.

Time passed by as I kept giving myself one challenge after another, to be honest, it is very difficult to practice under such increasing pressure and I would have collapsed if not for me using every ounce of will I have.

There is even that motivation to live; I am aware that my life hangs by a thread and I have to get stronger as the mission I will get in the future will be going to get difficult, they will not sit calmly till they kill me.

So, I have to get stronger and stronger until they could not harm me. I am aware that only strength will not save me, I also have to find a powerful

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