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Chapter 872 - Freezing Cold

It has been sixteen days since my mission started and now I am moving toward Station 3. I have perfectly gathered information on the two Stations which I had spied on, and now I just have to collect information on two more before my mission completes.

I am quite excited about this Station 3 as just as I finished gathering intelligence on it, I will leave for the Garden. I am now an Eight Star Golden Elite with such strength I am quite confident in getting the Emerald Kiwis.

Once I got the Kiwis, my strength will surely soar even more, and at that time, my strength will only be weaker than the Platinum Elites. So, how can I not be excited about the prospect of getting such strength?

Station 3 is in the regular forest, the trees here are neither thin nor thick, which made this mission quite hard, but I am sure I will be able to do it. The experience I got from the past two Station, the gathering of intelligence here, would be easy as pie.

It was not as easy as Pie as I thought it would be, these Rock Ratmen had extremely sharp senses; I was nearly discovered by them. Thank God, I did not, as if I had got discovered by them, I would have ended up in the worst condition than dead.

In their camp, I've seen how they eat humans, and I don't want to end up like a humans that has been eaten. The reason I was nearly discovered was also that, seeing their eating habits, I wasn't able to control my emotions and my killing intent leak.

It was a good thing;I quickly controlled my emotions and changed my place in the cover of a starless night.

"Ready Ashlyn?" I asked Ashlyn, who just came when I finished gathering information and coming back. I had asked Ashlyn to come inside me to sleep as I will need her to be at her peak when we travel toward the Garden.

Chew Chew...

Ashlyn chirped happily in the affirmation; she had gotten good sleep of six, which is enough for her.

Ashlyn landed on the ground and started to change her size, and soon, she became a two-meter bird. This size is perfect for her travel; it is neither big nor small; it is perfect for our travel.

Chew Chew….

I sat on the fire seat that Ashlyn had created, and before long, we shot through the sky. It's early morning right now, and I hope we can reach the Garden by tomorrow afternoon.

This is my best estimate, and it only happens when we did not encounter any stronger resistance.

I hope we do not, but nothing could be said about it. If our luck is extremely bad and we caught the eyes of the Platinum Elite, then there is a quiet chance of me dying.

This trip is risky, as there is not only danger from the stronger Grimm Monster, but there is also danger from the Guild.

If I discovered moving off track from my mission, then I would be in a shit load of trouble, and seeing how powerful forces are conspiring against me, I might even get a deserter tag, which would be a great shame of my life

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