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Chapter 887 - Sanders Lake

Warzone No. 4

Knock Knock

"Come in." The gentle yet imposing voice said, Ellen slowly opened the door and found her teacher lying on the couch lazily as she read something on her holowatch.

"Ellen do you need something?" asked her teacher as she moved her eyes away from the screen, "Teacher would you look at the record of my friend, he had been wrongfully convicted," Ellen said.

Her teacher looked at her, she clearly wanted to say something but when she looked at her student's face, she shook her head and sighed. She knows this face; if she declines, then she will ask over and over till I relent, her student is very persistent which is strength but also her weakness.

I opened the doc.u.ment she had sent me and opened it and found it was her friend whom I've seen in that small country.

I don't know why she kept her friendship with such a below-average guy, with her talent and help of that thing, she is going to Soar, there is no stopping her once that power inside her has been activated.

Friendship with such people will only slow her down, but what I can do, I can't force her to break off a friendship, it is her life she has to make her decision.

It is all because of her world view, growing up in a tiny country in this backward continent. When she comes to Central, she will realize how big the world is and will know what to do with such friends of her.

I looked at the doc.u.ment of the boy she had sent me and clicked on the charges which had been marked in red. For others, these are restricted things, but to her, this is nothing, there are only a few people in the whole world that have higher access than her, so there is nothing that could be unrestricted to her.

"Interesting," I muttered before I started typing a few buttons and opened the intelligence portal of my organization. As I read further, I found things are quite more interesting than I thought.

"Teacher, he is innocent, right? Were you able to find out who did this to him." My student asked nervously, seeing that I couldn't help but let out a soft laugh.

"Your friend is quite unlucky to get in trouble with those Bastards from the Blood Cloud," I said.

Ellen was quite surprised hearing this name, though Micheal had told her that it is people from the Supreme Organisation that falsely made him criminal, and she did not expect it to be 'Blood Cloud.'

Her teacher had told her all Supreme Organisation and 'Blood Cloud' is the one she has the lowest opinion of, the teacher said the member of Sky Saberis petty and vengeful and take offense in everything.

"Why did Sky Saber put conviction on him?" I asked, even if people from the Sky Saberare petty, they will not lower themselves to put such a heinous conviction on anyone.

"A month ago didn't I tell you about the immense fortune that Bastard from Sky Saber got?" my teacher asked, "Yes, you said six people received an Apex inheritance

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