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Chapter 876 - Emerald Kiwis

Right after I finished my level up to the Brigadier Stage, I slept. Even though the level up had energized me, it was not able to bone-deep exhaustion and lack of sleep; I had for nearly three days.

As my breakthrough finished, I planned to walk toward the trees of the Emerald Kiwis and pluck them, but just as this thought came to my mind, bone-deep exhaustion came over me, and I slept.

I slept under the intense Gravity and Energy Pressure, and to be honest, I did not feel anything throughout the night. It was just a few minutes ago when I was waking up when I felt crushing pressure came over me.

When I woke up, I did not walk toward the Emerald Kiwi tree to pluck the kiwis; instead, I walked toward the open space near the entrance of the cavern.

'I want to feel like a human again.' I said in my mind as I activated my abode and went inside. There I refreshed up, showered, and sat on the kitchen table in the unhurried pace as I before I finally came out and walked toward the Emerald Kiwi tree.

Yesterday, I had acted like an animal that is obsessed with training. My showering and eating normally is my way of expression that I am human. I may feel an animalistic compulsion to increase my strength but I am still human.

Soon, I reached the place when I was, this was my limit yesterday, but today, it is not. So, I unhesitatingly took a step forward, as I did that more Gravity and energy pressure hit me, but it was not able to stop me.

I took one step, then another and another, I continued to take steps until I was just two steps away from the Emerald Kiwi tree, from there I could easily use my hand to fetch the Emerald Kiwis.

But these two steps are going to be extremely hard, as the pressure where I am standing is so high that I am barely able to keep myself straight, and if I took another step, the pressure is going to increase again, but I have no choice but to take that step.

I have no time for training, so I have to bear the pressure that came at me and pluck the fruits; that is the only thing I could do.


'F.U.C.K!' I took another step; the step sounded heavy due to the intense Gravity. As I stabilized on my spot, I couldn't help but curse inside my mind, I could have cursed loudly with the open mouth, but unfortunately, I don't think I could even open my mouth under such pressure.

I bore such pressure and started to take a deep breath, which felt like I was inhaling thick mercury, not air. It is extremely difficult to breathe, but I have to. If I did not, then I would suffocate and die.

I stayed on my spot for a few minutes before I finally built up enough courage to take that last step.


Crack Crack…

I finally took that step, and the next moment, I felt as if the mountain was crushing me. The pressure is so great here that I feel my bones are getting crushed slowly, and it is taking me my all, just to breathe.


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