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Chapter 870 - Gathering Intelligence II

Finally, in the Mid Morning the next day, I had reached near the Station, this is the location that is given to me by the Guild, saying the Camp of the Grimm Monsters would be near around here.

The information is correct, the Station is about fifteen kilometers ahead of me, Ashlyn had just flown over it a few minutes ago.'

Knowing camp is near, I found a very well hidden spot and sat by it. I have been traveling straight for fourteen hours, taking minimal rest. I now feel slightly tired. Though it is not anything to reduce my performance, I would still like to be at my peak when I go near The Station.

I rested for an hour before I started moving again, this time, I am very cautious, and my speed is very slow. There is heavy patrol in the area around the camp, and getting caught by them would be the death of mine.

I started moving forward cautiously, stopping every few minutes for the patrol to pass before moving again. I am quite fortunate that I had comprehended the Rule like a Killing rule, which made it very easy for me to stay invisible in the sense of others with little help from the Soul Artifact of mine.

Step by step, I continued moving toward the camp when I stopped and looked ahead. In front of me, everything seemed fine and dandy, but it is not, there is camouflage in front of me.

These camouflaging devices are quite powerful and also expensive, after the Teleportation Gate, these things are the most expensive. They are more expensive than the forcefield that covers The Stations.

Compared to these Camouflaging devices, the ones we used during our mission to cloak the visual of our battle are just the flimsy screen.

Now that I saw the Camouflaging devices, I now have to record their exact place. I do not have to find all of the camouflaging devices, just one fourth of them.

The Guild has provided a special device to detect the camouflaging device, but it takes too much time, and there are chances that sensors inside the camp discover it if it is used for too long.

I do not need to use that device as through my Red vision. I could see everything with the perfect clarity. So, I close my eyes and note the position of the Camouflaging device before moving toward another.

In three hours, I note down twelve camouflaging devices, which are double than required before moving forward. One kilometer later, I come across the second layer of camouflage, and this time there is not only a layer of the camouflage but also a thick layer of motion sensors.

The leader of this Station seemed like a very cautious fellow; there is barely anyone who used motion sensors nowadays. It is quite easy to avoid them, but there is always an idiot in one group who acts idiotic.

This is what the leader of this Station seemed to be counting on the idiot enemy. I could not comment on this strategy of Station leader as it seems good and bad at the same time.

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