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Chapter 873 - Visiting The Garden Again


I landed on the Hill of the Garden and scanned around with my senses; I did not want anyone to notice me coming here. After a few minutes, I felt sure that no one was around and moved down toward the cave.

The vines around the entrance had grown even thicker in the past month, and if one takes a look at it, they will find nothing different here. I moved the vines away to get inside before arranging them back.

After I finished rearranging them, I started to move down in the coming with the speed that is neither slow nor fast at all. I wanted to go faster, but I control myself, even if they're no danger here, it does not hurt to be cautious.


Fifteen minutes later, I saw the entrance of the Cave, and about to take a step inside it when suddenly, I saw a two-meter long, long Obsidian Snake coming at me, it had opened its mount whole as if it wanted to gobble me up.

I was quite surprised to see it attacking me, but I controlled myself immediately and whipped my sword at the Obsidian Snake that had come at me.


A clanging sound rang out as my sword hit against the snake, and my whole body shook while the snake also flew back, one meter, and looked at me with hatred as if I had entered its sacred territory.

This Snake is very powerful; it is Peak Nine Star Golden Elite with a very high natural defense, which seemed to be reinforced further by the environment of the cave.

I am quite surprised to see the Monster here. If it had been Grimm Monsters in its place, I wouldn't have been surprised, but the presence of this Obsidian Snake made me quite surprised.

In the Grimm Battlefield, the presence of Monsters is very low; one could say they are nonexistent. The Grimm Monsters seemed to have a hate-love relationship with the monsters; they seemed to see their dumb selves in monsters.

So whenever they see Monsters, they will kill it and gobble it up due to those monsters in the Grimm Battlefield having been nearly exterminated.


It started at me for a second before it came at me again; this time, its speed is even greater, and its teeth have become even darker; this means I have to be careful of its teeth.

Obsidian Snake is a type of Snake Monster that did not release its poison outward, its fangs had to touch the prey to release, and I do not want its fangs to touch me.

The poison of Obsidian Snake had the petrifying ability, though I will not turn into the stone with my current power; I will still become immobile by it for a few seconds, which is enough for it to gobble me up the whole.

I let the Obsidian Snake come very close to me before I swung my sword, as my sword moved toward it, it lit up with a bright red glow.

My earlier attack, I had not used the enchantment of the sword as I wanted to see how powerful it had grown in this environment and now I did, there is no reason for it to be alive.

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