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Chapter 868 - To Mission

The meeting lasted for nearly one and a half hours before it was over, and everybody started to leave the room, including Rhea and me.

"I did not expect to see you here," I said to Rhea when we walked outside, all my teammates already went ahead, only Rhea and I remained little behind.

"Me Too, I had thought my progress was fast, but your speed is ever greater than mine." She said with a look of surprise, so her praise I could only smile as I too thought my speed was quite great and there would be very few who would get closer to my progress but now here Rhea, who is only three small levels behind me.

"Why do you join the Death Brigade, with your rate of progress it would not be hard for you to go above the Golden Elite in a few months," I said. Like other rookies, her info is also projected in the centre of the table for everyone to see.

She had a clean record, which means she had entered the Death Brigade on her own. Not only her, of the six rookies that entered the team, but five of them also had a clean record, only a single person is criminal and sent here forcefully.

"To be honest, I had tried for Elite Corps, but a slight performance mark cut me, I would have got selected in next month's assessment, but I did not want to wait for the whole month, so I joined the death brigade," she replied sheepishly.

I couldn't help but shake my hands hearing it, feeling I would have probably done the same if I was in her place.

"Death Brigade is not like Elite Corps, we did not get the same resources as the Elite Corps, and our missions are also considerably harder which make chances of dying greater," I said as I looked at her.

Of all the rookies she is weakest, she is just Five Star Golden Elite, unlike the other four rookies who are Six Star Golden Elite and Seven Star Golden Elite, with her being only Five Star Golden Elite chances of her surviving the mission seemed quite slim.

But it is her choice and it's not like she had a chance to back up now, she will have to do the mission or face serious consequences which very few people are willing to face.

All I can do is give her tips on how to survive during the chaotic fight. I hope she has some powerful Mystic Method or something which would help her survive this mission.

"Don't worry I will not die." she said with confidence, I am surprised seeing her confidence, she likely has some trump card which is relying on to survive.

"Micheal, why are all people acting Cold toward us rookies, except for one person no one talked to us," she said and looked at me accusingly as, during the discussion, I too was silent.


Hearing her question, I couldn't help but laugh, which again made her look at me angrily, "They are not Cold to you, its tradition of the team, I have also gone through it."

"You just have to complete the first mission, and everyone will become friendly to you," I said. This traditio

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