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Chapter 888 - Diamond Scales


I landed at the edge of Warzone 13s territory and started to travel from the ground, even with my current strength, I did not have the confidence to fly over the area in front of me.

It is a Warzone; there are Platinum Elites everywhere, I don't want to get overconfident and get caught by the Platinum Elite, dying in the hands of it would be the most merciful thing if that happened.

The last mission my team is in the Sander Lake area, to reach there, I would need at least ten hours, but I will try to get there sooner, before the dawn at the least.

I don't know when they are planning to attack the last camp, but with the style of my team and the time that is allocated, there are fifty-fifty chances of that attack having already happened, or it will happen today, so I had to reach there as soon as possible.

It is a good thing I have scout-like Ashlyn, who scouts the enemies and way for me, which makes speed in Grimm Monster dense area quite faster. If I were with my team, I would not have passed through such an area where the numbers of Grimm Monsters are such high.

But I am alone and this way would help me a lot in saving lots of time, so the little risk is worth it. Passing through it, I have come across many Golden Elites, but I did not fight with them, my main focus is reaching Sanders Lake as soon as possible, not fighting ants.

With my current power, everyone below the Platinum Elite is ants though some exceptions are my level who could not only fight me with equal level but could also beat me, they are less in numbers.

Time passed by, and midnight came when I suddenly stopped and hid behind the tree; I did not even dare to breathe loudly as Ashlyn just informed me that a Platinum Elite is coming flying.

This is the third time in the night, Ive come across the Platinum Elite, there are just f.u.c.k.i.n.g too many of them in Grimm Monsters. It was a good thing I had Ashlyn, who had informed me quickly; otherwise, if I were alone, I would have been stretched on hiding before it comes close.

I stayed hidden, and soon, I sensed Platinum Elite flying a hundred meters in front of me. Its speed is slow, and it is looking around, it is clearly on the Patrol. Due to it being an important area for the Grimm Monsters, it is closely Guarded that even Platinum Elite patrols around it.

As I waited with the stopped breath and slowed heartbeat, I found a sense of Grimm Monster spreading over me.

I remained calm and did not make any movements as I kept circulating Killing Energy through my soul Artifact, which is spreading over my body.

With them, I became invisible in the senses of the Platinum Elite, soon the sense of Platinum Elite passed over me, and it flew away. The sense of Platinum Elite had only spread over me for less than a second, but like always, it had scared me to death.

I am no match against the Platinum Elites, so I have to hide it e

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