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Chapter 877 - Practicing Methods


I fell on the ground with a loud thud, but this time on my face there was not only exhaustion but also a very bright smile.

I am happy, my strength is now above the Golden Elite, and the Suppressive Energy the potion sucked during the digesting brought me very close to the Platinum and also gave me a glimpse of the Platinum level.

And I have to say the Gap between two levels has never been this huge. It is no wonder without the Limit Breaking Method; people are really unable to reach the Platinum level.

The energy and momentum required to reach the Platinum level are humongous, that very few things could provide.

The Limit Breaking Method could be said to be the easiest way to become Platinum Elite, as for the other ways, like creating 100 Seals (Ruby Seal) of Supreme Combat Exercise, it is simply too difficult.

There are some potions as well, but the ingredients that are required for it are impossible to gather.

The Garden had the way to make me Platinum Elite, the flower trees that are ahead of the Emerald Kiwi trees, could make me become the Platinum Elite in an instant.

But I am not an idiot to try for it, earlier when I was plucking the Emerald Kiwis; I looked at the distance ahead. Just as I did that, a controllable shudder ran through my body.

The meaning is very clear unless I have the strength of Peak Platinum, I should not try it. The feeling I got earlier was so intense, I didn't even try my toe experiments which I had tried last time, I would not just lose my toe but something more, so I did not even try it.

I stayed on the ground for twenty minutes before I got up and walked toward the entry of the cavern. When I reached there, I started to take out lots of stuff; this stuff is the things that I will need to practice my Mystic Methods.

When I was Eight Star Golden Elite, I could not practice the advanced level of Mystic Method, but with my current level, I am more than strong enough to bear the pressure that is brought by it.

But there is one tiny problem, that is the energy of the Featherlight Method. Last time, I had to reach the 2nd level of my refinement toward to refine that energy, I hope something like this won't happen this time as I don't think I am capable of barging the 3rd level of Refinement Tower.

"I'll walk that bridge when the time comes," I said, the Featherlight Method gives a speed that is unlike any other method.

If I want to be invincible at my current level and have a chance to survive against those above level, then I will need to be FeatherLight Method.

I had opened the sheet I had specially commissioned from a craftsman in Blackmarket. I spread the sheet and started creating the formation ink, and for it, I had used the best materials and even used three hundred drops of the White Grade Origin Water, which thrice than last time.

In fifteen minutes, ink is created, and I added half of it

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