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Chapter 874 - Suppressive Energy

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I put away my sword and look at the kiwi trees ahead of me. There is barely a distance of eight to nine steps between me and the tree, which normally takes me a few seconds to cross if walking, but now I will have to work hard to reach there.

If I am not wrong, then I would need the strength of the Nine Star Golden Elite to reach there, but I am not a Nine Star Golden Elite, I am an Eight Star Golden Elite which is far from sufficient.

I looked at the Emerald Kiwi Tree for a few seconds before the turn to Ashlyn, who is sleeping in the shadow of the Kiwi Tree. When I was walking step by step, she was eating the Kiwis, and before long, she finished eating all the Emerald Kiwis, which were on the tree.

She did not leave anything behind. If she had left any Emerald Kiwis behind, I would make the potion out of them, which would have easily granted me the strength of the Nine Star Golden Elite, with that strength I would have easily able to pluck the fruits off the tree.

But now I have to do it myself, even if there are hundreds of Emerald Kiwi trees here, one could only pluck fruit from only one tree, so Ashlyn could not provide me any Kiwi Trees even if there are hundreds of them around.

If I want the Emerald Kiwis then, I would have to get them with my strength, and since this is the only option I have, I will do it, but it will be difficult, very difficult.

Taking one last look at the Emerald Kiwi Tree, I walked back and stopped when I was in front of the Yellow Thorn Peach tree. This spot had Gravity and Energy pressure that only Three Star Golden Elite could bear, and I will start my training from here.

I only have two days, and I have to increase my strength by One Star which is extremely hard, could even be said impossible.

As I have already made huge progress through my methods and seeing how difficult they have become practice now, it would take weeks, even a month before I could make any big breakthrough through them.

There is no help from the methods, as, for the Potions, they could give me a boost of One Star, but I would not use them. It will fill my body with so many impurities that it will make my progress very slow unless I clean them out quickly, which will be very difficult.

But all the hope had not lost yet, there is a way, and that way is this Garden. If it had been outside, I would have given up, but here it is possible.

The Suppressive Energy present in the Garden is overbearing and felt like death scythe as it made even breathing difficult, but this energy is also very nutritious as well. I had seen its Miraculous properties when I was here, as it had helped me increase by quite much last time.

But it is not easy to digest that energy, I have practiced Body Cleansing Exercise to the max to suck this suppressive energy into my body. Most of this energy would be passed through my body

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