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Chapter 886 - Conversation

Ever Since I had come to Warzone; I did not call any of my friends or received their calls, not Ellens, nor Jills nor anyone.

I am ashamed as once I received the call, they will see the Criminal tag on my holowatch, which is why even to call my parents I used Toms holowatch. Even though this Criminal Tag on me is my mistake and I am entirely innocent, I still felt ashamed.

And this feeling makes me angry, angry at myself, angry at people who have done this to me, but there is nothing I could do about it with my current Strength.

I looked at my holowatch thinking let it ring as I always do or receive it; finally, I made my mind and touched received as there is no use in running away from my current status, whether I like it or not.

"Why weren't you receiving my calls, do you think I have so much free time to call you a hundred times in a month." Ellen blasted, she looked really angry, so angry that I thought she would spit fire at any moment.

I stayed quiet and did not say anything; let HER see the faint red color and tag of Criminal when she sees my projection on her holowatch.

At first, she did not notice and opened her mouth to say something when she finally noticed a strangeness in my projection, and her eyes became big as saucers.

She was so shocked seeing the tag that she wasn't able to say anything for a while; this page, not a normal tag. It was given to those who face serious charges like attempted r.a.p.e or attempted murder, so it normal for her to get shocked after seeing that.

"Micheal, did you do something that serious?" she hesitantly asked, I could see she did not want to believe I had committed such a heinous crime but seeing the proof of that in my projection, she doesn't know what to think.

"Do you think I would commit a crime heinous enough to receive such a tag?" I asked back with a sad laugh as I opened the door of the room that is allotted to my team and sat on the usual seat.

"Were you framed?" she asked after some time, to that I nodded. Seeing me an affirming look of anger appeared on her face, "who are they?" she asked angrily, to that sad laugh of my face couldn't help but widened.

"They are very powerful people," I said as I smiled helplessly at her, hearing my vague answer she arched her, clearly asking me to give her a clear answer, seeing that I couldn't help but sigh.

This is the reason why I don't want to receive her call, as I know she delves too deep when she knows I am in trouble. "They are from the Supreme Level Organisation," I stated simply.

This had even shocked her; people don't come in contact with the Supreme Level Organisation; those people are too aloof, distant, so someone as average as me incurring their wrath is quite a surprising thing.

"You don't have to worry, Micheal, my teacher is also from the Supreme Level Organisation. If I ask her, she will help in removing these false allegations against

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