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Chapter 881 - Going Down II

"There are about three hundred Alabaster Bullmen; he killed all of them." said one young man in a shaking voice.

"How much time it had been since he left us, not even three minutes, but he killed more than six hundred Grimm Monsters in that time," he added.

He is no weakling who can not handle death; he had participated in the battles where hundreds of thousands of Grimm Monsters died within an hour and saw the tens of Platinum Elites fighting against each other, even surviving the attack of Platinum at once.

But seeing this range of killing at such swift speed, even he was shaken seeing this, as he is aware that the Alabaster Bullmen that came to attacked the Camp was not the normal Grimm Monster, even he will need at the least one minute minutes to finish off, but the other party did not take even a second.


Muttered a girl beside him, when he heard that he couldn't help but shake a little, it had been quite a while since he listened to this word, but when he thinks about it, he indeed has the power to be called 'Excelsior.'

"Find that bastard and kill hi" Was saying one Alabaster Bullman, but before it could off the sentence my knives pierced through it and those beside it.

I am currently on Wing 29 and facing about five hundred Grimm Monsters, or 300 as I had killed two hundred in the past three minutes.

Such numbers of monsters could not be killed through the confrontation in the packed spaced like a camp; they could easily drown me in their attacks, which is why I am playing hide and seek with them.

It was a good thing. Grace not only gave me maps but also the authorization, which helped many open doors and launch sneak attacks in them. In each attempt, I would kill fifty to hundred Grimm Monsters before running away.

These bastards have broken several doors to chase after me, but by that time, I would be already launching the attack.

It is all being possible due to the Featherlight Method, the speed it had given me is beyond amazing, it had made me invincible in my level, if not for we are fighting in the close space, I wouldn't have felt any fear to confront them directly.

But since it is closed spaces, I have to be careful and attack them sneakily before running away, as getting hit by their attack means dying.

I continued launching the sneak attack on them, and finally, three minutes later, I killed all of them. Just as I did above to move away, I saw the people I've left behind in Wing 8.

"There are some Alabaster Bullmen hiding, help me clean them before you come down," I said. I had deliberately left some Alabaster Bullmen when I saw them coming.

The Grimm Monsters numbers are going to increase lower ones go, and these twenty-some people are no match for such numbers, especially in limited spaces where hundreds of monsters could easily drown you in their attacks.

Their self-confidence would have taken the hit

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