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Chapter 849 - Pods

I was just checking the numerous functions of the pod when I felt the airship moving. The stand on which it is on started to move left before up. A minute later, the airship appeared above ground and started to lift from the air.

Sup Sup Sup...

As it floated in the sky, the boosters behind it activated, and the airship started to cut through the clouds and fly toward its destination.


I was just looking at the scenery of the outside through the tiny window when my holowatch buzzed with a notification. It is a text from the team leader saying she will now have a meeting with the other team leaders and will discuss the mission details with us after that.

They have been very tightlipped about the mission, just telling us small details. The only thing they have told us about is that it is a joint mission to destroy The Station, and it far is, and we will be taking airsh.i.p.s to it.

After entering the Airship, our holo watches had been cut off from the outside and will only be able to connect to outside when we return to from mission.

I hope we return as looking at the secrecy the guild is keeping; this mission seemed pretty important, and since it is important, it means it will be more dangerous, dangerous than normally dangerous missions we do.

To pass the time, I read the small booklet provided by the airship when I entered the pod. It is about the pod and all the functions it had. It was small, and I thoroughly read it within fifteen minutes.

This pod is mindblowing as it not only had a state of real theater function from which gave one feeling of watching reality instead of the movie when watching the movies but it also has the state of the art pressure massage function. The message it gives helps open energy pores in one's body.

But this is not function I like the most, the f.u.c.k.i.n.g I most is its escaping f.u.c.k.i.n.g. It is not a normal pod but an escaping pod that could not get damaged even by the attack of the Lord powerhouse.

So even if an airship got to attack, one has chances of surviving with the help of these pods. I wished these pods had been a little bigger, so I could practice, but unfortunately, they are not, they are big enough to sleep comfortably, not to train.

Seeing the meeting of the team leader will take time, I took out the leftover of the morning and heated it in the pot before I ate with Ashlyn as dinner. Who looked around the pod before going inside me.

Typically Ashlyn stays outside, but she did not seem to like such a small enclosed space, which is why she went inside.

Seeing there is nothing much to do, I take out some reading materials and start to read while doing that. I also started to practice the secret method with the help of a soul diamond at mild speed.

Secrete Method is the method I practiced the most as it could be practiced anywhere, but despite that, I did not see the signs of it breaking throug

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