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Chapter 864 - Advancements I

I returned to my apartment at Dawn. The party lasted for the whole night, it was very crazy and many secrets were revealed, I was able to know the various talents my teammates have aside from fighting.

I am quite drunk when I returned, I had never drunk this much alcohol in my whole life as I did last night, but it was nothing compared to Sasha, she is quite a drinker, she drank double than anyone, but time to the left she was most sober among us.

Technically, Team Leader was most sober, but she did not count as she was platinum, her body could burn alcohol faster than anyone here due her strong physical body.

There is one interesting thing that had happened, Ashlyn drank alcohol, and she was the only one who was able to drink half than Sasha, if not for me stopping her, I am sure she would have been able to beat Sasha in drinking.

Before Ashlyn did not like to drink much, she barely tasted wine when I drank before walking off arrogantly with the high head when a bottle of a drink named 'Kemy' opened, she came out of me on her own and asked me to get that drink for her.

Which was quite surprising, and of all alcohol that came from the Central Continent, 'Kemy' is one of an average one and one my teammates had tried it because he found the blue bottle it stored in quite attractive.

I've also tasted that drink seeing Ashlyn liking it so much, but I did not like it much as all I felt was cold when drinking it.

This wine lets one's body feel cold after drinking it, which is opposite of what normal drinks felt when they entered the stomach.

I was not going to let her drink that much, but my teammates liked tipsy Ashlyn, who wouldn't like a cute chubby bird walking drunkenly on the bar counter, even the bartender got enamored by her that he didn't charge us on what she had drunk.

A minute after entering my apartment, I was on my bed sleeping. I didn't even have a shower which I had desperately wanted to take.

The sleep-in pod in the airship was not as satisfactory as the real bed, which is why I had slept through the whole morning and woke up directly in the afternoon.

When I woke up, I did my usual routine, and one and half an hour later, I was eating lunch with Ashlyn while gazing at the afternoon sky from my kitchen, after few days of hecticness, it feel good to feel free without worrying about a strict schedule one has to follow during the mission.

I finished lunch but did not get up from my chair, and like me, Ashlyn also started to stare at the afternoon sky, but unlike me, she stared directly at the sun. Even with the current power I have, I still can't stare at the bright for too long. If I did that, my head would start to feel hurt.


We continued gazing, and half an hour passed, and I moved my eyes away from the sky and started to walk toward the training hall as it is some time to train when I suddenly stopped as I felt some change in

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