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Chapter 847 - The Station

It was Dawn when I reached in front of my apartment building, and coincidentally the name of the Building is Dawn. It is a normal hundred story building. There is nothing special about it except for its spiral shape and Water that fall from top.

The building is absolutely enchanting to the standard of Outpost and Mizone, but here in Warzone, it is average. Many buildings around it are absolutely breathtaking.

I looked at the building for a while and before I went inside, my apartment was on the 57th floor.

Soon I reached the 57 floors through the elevator, I could have flown up here as one could fly in on private property, but I decided to take an elevator to get a feeling of entering the new apartment.


I flashed my holowatch to the door, and it opened, as I went in and greeted with Scandavanion Interior of the apartment. This apartment is quite smaller than the previous one I had.

It only had two rooms, Kitchen and Big Training Hall. I wanted to be small as I don't want to live in an empty shell. It is a perfect apartment for a single person like me.

As I entered the apartment, the first thing I checked in the kitchen, which had all the equipment that catalog had mentioned, just looking at the metallic shin they were giving off, my eyes started to shine.

I am quite excited about seeing the kitchen, it is very modern and had the equipment that even my previous kitchen did not have.

There is an appliance called an injector, which could help me add spices and fill in any part of the meat I want in perfect amounts without making any mistake.

I stayed in the kitchen for fifteen minutes and walked toward the two rooms, I took a quick look at them before I went to the training room and like the kitchen, it is also filled with modern tech, but unlike the kitchen, it did not show on the surface.

The kitchen looked plain except for the Monochrome painting of the Spear on the wall, the painting looked amazing. Even me who had no idea about art got drawn by it.

The painting is not the real piece but just a wallpaper, I could change it with the other famous painting present in the library of the building. After I looked enough and tested some gimmicks of the training and hall, I went to my hall and went to the shower before laying on the bed of sleep.

When I woke up, It was early afternoon, the bright sun could be shining outside my window. I opened the blinds before I went to the bathroom to freshen up. It was good that earlier, when I was walking toward the building, I fed Ashlyn; otherwise, Ashlyn would not have let me sleep till now.

After freshening up, I directly went into the kitchen. I am quite excited as this would by first time cooking in this ultra-modern kitchen. I took out the ingredients and started to cook while humming the tune of my favorite song.

It took me a little more than an hour to eat lunch, and it smelled heavenly. One co

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