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Chapter 854 - Other Side

"Micheal, are you sure we have reached our destination, there is nothing in front of us except for rocks," asked Charles as we took our position.

Others also clear their ears as they hear the question from Charles, they see nothing but rock in front of us. "These rocks are just camouflage. The Forefield is a little special, it created the special camouflage."

"If you walk just three meters ahead, you will crash across the forcefield," I said. The Grimm Monsters have created quite tight defense for this Station.

They have not only put two layers of Camouflaging, but they also have a special force field that camouflages it, it is triple camouflage that is hiding this Station.

If that was not shocking enough, then how about making their most of the camp within the mountain. This camp is the size of a small town, and 30% of it is outside while the rest is inside the mountain.

This is not my guess, but Ashlynn's as she has the bigger range than me, she is not completely sure as even she could not cover the whole Station through her senses, she made this guess as she flew over the area that is outside.

Seeing such tight security, triple camouflage, and other things, I have become even more sure that this is not the normal mission, there is something deep going to which we hadn;t been involved.


I was in my thoughts when suddenly Ashlyn said something to me and next moment a different view came in front of my eyes, she is showing me what she is seeing through her red vision and seeing that I couldn't help but get shocked.

It is a really shocking thing, and if it had been a normal mission, I would have been happy seeing such a scene, but now I am just feeling even more worried.

"Team leader, did you share everything with us?" I asked. It is a very rude question and out of my jurisdiction, but I still asked the question after seeing what Ashlyn had shown me.

My question had rung through the small space we are in, and I feel gazes of everyone, including the team leader who is next to me. I saw her looking at me, and instead of seeing anger which I had been expecting, I saw inquisition, which is quite surprising to me.

"Micheal, did you notice something?" the team leader asked after she looked at me enough, "Yes," I replied. "On the opposite, there are teams of humans who have a similar power level as we are lying in wait just like us," I replied.

Team leaders and others' faces changed abruptly hearing that they barely stopped themselves shouting out loud. What I saw was that this camp was open on two sides of the mountain, we took one side while the other teams took another.

When I saw our group of teams only taking only one side, I thought they wanted to attack one side with full force, but it looked like I was wrong to think that as they have other teams waiting on the opposite side.

They have covered both of the exits from the Grimm Monster, not

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