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Chapter 865 - Advancements II

Zap Zap…

My sword made a faint sound as it cut through the air, the blade of it was extremely hot, enough to cauterize the flesh of those above Nine Star Golden when it passed through them but when it cut through the air no heat could be felt as if it did not exist.

I played with it quite a while before I put it back inside me. After I finished with the sword, I had started to take out stuff from the Alchemical Instruments, herbs, and other things that are required to make the potions.

My body is now completely cleansed of impurities, so I could drink potions again without harming myself. Not only me, but Ashlyn could also drink the Potions as she too cleansed the impurities of her.

All living beings can naturally purify their bodies, but such things take months and even years for humans depending on how much impurities they have in their bodies.

But unlike humans, Monsters are very much faster; they barely took months to clear away heavy impurities in their bodies, and Ashlyn, who is quite Abnormal compared to other Monsters, is even faster.

She had cleared away all the impurities she had got from the drinking that ability amplifying potions two days ago.

I was quite surprised when I saw that as that Potion was not the normal potion. It had the core of the Lord Stage Monsters, which means impurities contained inside it were also heavier.

But Ashlyn had cleaned herself off its impurities quite well, and now there are no impurities left inside her body. It is a good thing as her strength was falling behind mine, I could now feel her enough potion that her strength would become equal to mine.

Though drinking such an amount of potions would increase the impurities in her, they will be cleaned within a few weeks.

So, I did not waste time and started crafting potions, as it is going to take quite a lot of time. As I craft the potion, I remember my days when in Outpost and Midzone, there how much I used to struggle for the potion materials.

There is always a scarcity of materials, I used to work very hard to collect the potion materials but compared to Outpost and Midzone, Warzone is brimming with resources.

One did not have to try much hard to get potions and their formulas, though these formulas are not good as then one I have gained from the knowledge. They do the job just fine.

I have to say the higher-ups are quite smart; they have intentionally created a scarcity of resources in Midzone and Outpost. If we had such resources available, we would have to run like dogs to get them without care for the price.

The people who are present in Outpost and Midzone are like unpolished diamonds, if one provided all the resources they need then these diamonds never able to get the shine they need, they would never work hard and would try to increase their strength with the help of the potions without care for the consequences.

This is the reason why t

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