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Chapter 850 - Hidden Camp

Two days passed in the blink, and now the airship is flying through the northern part of the continent. Sometimes, when the clouds don't obstruct my vision, I can see beautiful vast snowy fields down below.

Our destination is Kiave; it is a big mountain range on the north, we are going to destroy The Station of the Grimm Monsters that is deep into the mountain, from the map the team leader had shared, it looked like we will have to climb some mountains to reach our destination.

The airship will not directly take us to The Station of the Grimm Monsters, that would be like telling them we are destroying the camp. We are going to attack the camp sneakily. Their type of strategy is best to destroy such big camps when you have small numbers.

The Airship will take us to one of the hidden Camps of the Continental Military; from there, we will move toward The Station.

We did not have the full details of the Mission yet, just the basic area so we could be prepared, we will likely get whole information before the mission starts.

I looked at the time again, seeing there was an hour remaining before we reached the hidden camp, I continued with my reading and training.

This is what I have been doing for the past two days; in the past two days, I have read most of the reading materials I have on the backlogs, some will remain, but I will finish it soon.

Training is not the only thing important in the fighting; knowledge is also just as important. Every week I would create my reading target and read it, though I don't have much time with all the training and missions, I still create enough time to read.

Time passed and soon I felt the airship going down. I wanted to watch the scenery below, but the small window had turned black for some reason.

Thud! Sup Sup...

A few minutes later, I felt the airship landing on the hard surface, and next second, the sound of the door opening started to ring out one by one. My door is also opened, but I did not walk out as it is not my time yet.

My cabin is still glowing, bathed in red. Only when the light turned Green will my turn will come to get out, which came after a few minutes of waiting. I got out of my pod and saw my teammates are in front and behind me, getting out of the airship in the order.

As I exited the airship, I saw teams that came out before standing before the young man and women who seemed to in the twenties.

They are giving off a deep oppressive aura, which even I wasn't able to measure up with my sensory abilities, but one thing is sure that they are not the powerhouses of the Knight stage, they are likely to be a powerhouse of Lord Stage or higher stage.

I controlled the unconscious shudder I felt with their aura and waited with my team for the rest of the teams to come out of the airship.

"Welcome to Hidden Camp 679; I am Author Ravious warden of this camp, all the arrangements for your mission have

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