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Chapter 848 - Elite+

Elite+ teams are referred to as the teams that have one or more Platinum in them, and all their members are either Nine Star Golden Elite or above. These teams are extremely powerful and exist in both Death Brigade and Elite Corps.

The Mission Doc.u.ment had only simple information. It looks like this mission is more important than I thought, as even our team leader did not have much information with her.

From the information provided by the Guild, we should be leaving within an hour through the Military Airship of the Guild. There is Airship Hangar in the guild, and we will be leaving through it, and that where we are also meeting the other thirteen teams with whom we will be completing this mission.

Time passed as we discussed what we know so far, and team members also discussed their experience as they have done this kind of mission before. Though it was not such a big scale and not of destroying the mission, still having the experience still counts.

"Let's Go," Regina said when there was only fifteen minutes remaining till the mission time. We are going to the port behind the Guild. The Guild had a personnel port and small armada of Military sh.i.p.s.

The power of the Guilds is immense, especially the S Class Guild, which rules over the Guilds. They have state of the art tech that comes directly from the central continent. I hope this time we will get something good other than outdated tech that Death Brigade gate.

It took us ten minutes to reach the Hanger, and when we reached there, I couldn't close my opened mouth. I had thought it would be an open-air airport, but it turned out to be underground.

Tense of sleek airsh.i.p.s in military fatigue could be seen placed neatly. These airsh.i.p.s are different from standard Airsh.i.p.s. They are completely armored and superfast with special abilities stealth, supersonic, and high flight.

They also packed serious firepower, even the least powerful Airship here could destroy the cities in an instant but such cannons were rarely used against the Grimm Monsters and one they used the cannons. It means the real war has arrived.

"There is Section 63." The team leader said as she looked at holowatch, and we walked toward it. We have to go to Section 63 for our airship and the teams we will be doing missions with.

When we walked into Section 63, even teams were already present there and looking at the Airship that is placed in the center of the Section. The other looked at us coming but did not talk.

We found our place and waited, while waiting I looked at the teams present. If one looked at them, one would see that the teams are divided into two-sided. The teams on the left are wearing the same uniform with the Lightning logo of Guild and a numeric on their chest.

While on the right rise, people are wearing different clothes, mostly dark, with mismatched artifacts on their bodies. The Uniformed teams on the Left are fr

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