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Chapter 855 - Battle I

There is utter chaos inside, thousands, and thousands of Fire Horn Lionmen Grimm Monsters running crazily attacking any human that comes in front of their eyes in doves.

These Fire Horn Lionmen had an average height of seven meters with Golden Yellow-colored bodies. The most distinguished thing about them is Golden Color mane, which seemed amazing on their cruel faces, especially when a fire lit on the corner of it.

I don't know why they are not named Golden Fire Mane Lionmen as the burning horn on their head is not as eye-catching and amazing as the horn on their head.

Most of the Fire Horn Lionmen are holding huge five to seven-meter long Warhammers which's huge heads are blazing with fire. These Warhammer are huge. They would easily squash any human here with a simple press.

When I looked around, I paled as I could see Fire Horn Lionmen everywhere, and there are thousands and thousands of them, but that did not scare me, what scared me is that in the forcefield there is another forcefield and from there Fire Horn Lionmen could be seen coming out.

Their numbers are already crossed twenty thousand and more are increasing. I looked at the inner forcefield; there seemed to be a huge fight going on that no Fire Horn Lionmen wanted to stay there.

They are Platinums that are fighting, and only they could create such a shockwave that could be heard even outside of the forcefield and 'Boom' we just heard second ago like come across destroying the teleportation gate, as only that thing could create such noise.

As we entered the forcefield, we immediately attracted the gaze of a few hundred powerful Fire Horn Lionmen who are coming with an expression that clearly says 'I want to drink your blood.'

"Slaughter them!"

Seeing the hundreds of Fire Horn Lionmen coming toward us, the team leader shouted run toward the coming Fire Horn Lionmen. We ran toward them and soon came face to face against them.

Puchi Slice Slice Puchi…


I had already picked the group of Fire Horn Lionmen from a distance when I got close to them, my sword became whirlwind, it started to move like a harvesting life like they are grass.

My speed is very fast, but I am not using even the speck of energy from my method powers.

I am killing these Fire Horn Lionmen with my own power. Seeing my Killing speed, Fire Horn Lionmen got alarmed and tried to run away, but they all got killed by my sword before they could finish even two steps back.


I had finished killing when I felt danger, only to see a huge tsunami of fire coming at me. The attack that is coming at me is huge, the seven Fire Horn Lionmen that are Eight Star Golden Elite and Nine Star Golden Elite had breathed fire at me.

This is my first time coming under such an attack, even when I fought against Hundred meter long monsters I've never got attacked by such an attack as I am getting attacked right now and facin

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