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Chapter 851 - Golden Chance

"The Station we have to attack is on Carlson Mountain of Kaive Mountain Range. We will be going through the teleportation Gate of the Camp to another hidden Teleportation gate that is closest to the Camp."

"From there, we will have to travel for fifty kilometers before we reach The Station of Fire Horn Lionmen Tribe." the team leader. "The weather forecasted that there would be medium wind, so our tracks will be hidden by the time we will attack," she added.

While explaining a huge projection of the Kiave mountain range appeared in the room, and she started to explain the strategy of the attack. For this mission, the intelligence has already been collected; all we have to do is go there and slaughter the monsters.

"Does anyone have any questions?" the team leader asked after forty minutes, everyone shook their heads as we had already asked all the questions we had when she was explaining the strategy.

"The Meeting is dismissed, we will gather at 11:PM sharp." said the team leader as she dismissed the meeting. We all quickly left for our rooms as there is barely two hours before we go for the mission.

After entering my room, I tapped a few buttons on the control board of the room and dissolved the bed and table to make enough space for me to train.

I could go to the training area of the Camp, but it would waste too much of the time of the already less time I have.


With furniture dissolving, I quickly undressed and popped a big piece of the monster core into my mouth before starting the practice of the four methods.

This mission is extremely dangerous, and before going to this mission, I want a little more strength and the only thing that could give me Body Cleansing Technique, if I can go through the 6th cleansing then my strength will surely rise. It will aid me much in the suicide mission, which I am about to go.

So I practiced with full force, holding back nothing and took a huge risk by eating the big piece of the core of the powerful monster so that I could have the motivation to perform better.

That monster core is making me pay dearly, energy in that core is great. Even Nemo was barely able to handle this ever-increasing energy that I had to start to perform faster so I could reach the end of the 6th move of Body Cleansing Technique, and Nemo could have better chances in guzzling up the energy.

A few minutes later, I reached the 107th pose, and the core is still rampaging through my body. Nero is barely able to balance the energy, but I am too tired. I have been trying to reach 108th pose for a few minutes, tried tens of times but no result came.

Still, I continue trying as I could not fall right now, no matter the exhaustion I am feeling as falling down now means death. The core is producing energy by moment, and if I fall before all the energy eaten by Nero, then no one will be able to save me from exploding.

I continue trying, but

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