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Chapter 852 - Six Star Golden Elite

Major Cleansing is not the only benefit I have got; I was even able to create Seven Minor Seal.

I got out of the conscious space right on time, if I had been second early, then the 60th seal of the Supreme Combat Exercise would not have been created. That means there would be no Amethyst Seal, which is being created in my temple right now.

The seal is sucking its energies inside my body furiously. In a minute, it would be finished with it.

For the creation of the Amethyst seal, I didn't even have to refine the energy as the storage of the 2nd level is big enough to satisfy the energy needs of more than five Amethyst seals.

As I continue practicing Body Cleansing Technique with every ounce of my energy, I am also keeping track of the things that are going inside me, and that is when I notice an amazing thing that puts a bright smile on my tired face for the second time.

The big piece of monster core I ate still hadn't been fully eaten by Nero, there is still half of it still left.

Earlier I had regretted eating such a big piece of the monster core as it was acting like Guillotine above my head, but now I am extremely happy that I ate such a big piece.

It is releasing the Medicinal Energies, and they are being melted and merging into my body, though most of it got eaten by Nero, there are still some that are being merged with my body.

Seeing this happening, I immediately asked Nero to stop eating. I could feed Nero daily, but I could not merge such a large amount of energy into my body daily.

This is the core of the Medicinal Monster, the energy inside it could not only increase my healing power but also strengthen my body, and that is what I want.

I want the medicinal energy of the core to merge into my body. This core is God's Blessing, which would increase my strength by a large margin. Throughout the process, I kept Nero ready to eat excess energy if the Medicinal Energies went out of control.

More and more energy came to the core and started merging with my body, as it happens I started to feel a slight change in the body, as I am not feeling as tired as I was feeling a few seconds ago.

This tiredness had lessened again when the 6th Amethyst Seal was created and started to release energies through my body and soul, which began to strengthen them whole and also heal the injuries that are hiding deep inside.

The core kept releasing the energies for quite a time before it finally expended seeing that, I couldn't help but feel sad as the energies had helped me a lot, I hope the core had lasted little more till the end of the Major Cleansing which would end in a minute or two.


Finally, the 6th Major Cleansing ended, and I fell on the ground as I could not support myself anymore, I am completely worn out due to performing.

This session had been my longest practice session with the Body Cleansing Technique and also most frui

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