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Chapter 866 - Intelligence Mission

Four days have passed since the last mission. I am quite surprised that no other mission has come our way, which is why the seven rank jump we have received in our ranking is slowly going down with the day.

Four days ago, after our big Mission, our team's Rank had climbed up to the 70th from 77th, but now it is 72nd, I had just received notification about it. It is a team that was at the 74th had just completed the mission and took the jump of the two ranks.

I daily checked my holowatch for my team's rank after I woke; the rank is very important.

Not only it shows the strength of the team, but it also gives a lot of advantages. Currently, we dont many advantages, but we can reach in the top 60. We will be able to train in the State of the Art training facility. This is where the Elite Corps train.

But it is very hard to get into Top 60. All the teams are crazy powerful with the crazy amount of points. Crossing, to get there, we will have to do an insane amount of dangerous missions.

As for getting into Top 50, which is even harder, there are only three spaces, sorry two spaces now as yesterday another team had become an Elite+ team. There are only two spaces, and for them, the competition is very tough.

Compared to teams in Top 50 and Top 60, our teams are quiet, especially now with missions harder and harder, people are getting stronger, though the fatality rate also reached sky-high.

To higher-ups, this exchange seems to be worth it as they are getting more and more powerhouses, and that is most important right now when the balance of two races has become very fragile.

There seems to be a shadow of a huge War looming over Grimm Battlefield, it is not me that is sensing it but all the people, this is the most trending topic in most forums right now.

It is said that within a year or two, the War will commence and the War will happen not only because of the rising tension between two races but also because it is time, it has been more than Century since the continent experienced any big war and it will happen.

It is like nature taking its course, and every century there is a big war, and it's time the Continent experiences the big war.

Many people are excited with the prospect of War, wanting to drive out the Grimm Monsters off the continent, not to forget the gravity of doing that, the loss of life we will face would be immense and we will need decades to recover from it.

"Tring Tring…"

I was busy with grey thoughts when my holowatch rang, and I immediately knew what this was about. It is a message from Stephan, saying to come to the Guild as the new mission has come.

Seeing that I became excited, in the past four days, I drank all the potions I could and trained as much as I could, and now I need a mission, only through the mission would I be able to stimulate my growth.


So, I happily changed before I floated down with m

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