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Chapter 858 - Phantom Type I


There, some distance away where my senses could not cover, I saw a Fire Horn Lionmen using a Phantom Type Mystic Method.

There are many types of Mystic Methods, unfathomable types. Types could wrap the understanding of the one about the Mystic Method.

The Mystic method we use is the common type. Even the Lightfeather, which used Speed+Movement is common in front of these Phantom and other extremely rare types of Mystic Method.

As I looked at the Fire Horn Lionmen using the Phantom method, my heart started to burn with the fighting spirit.

I took one look at my teammates and seeing they are fine and will be able to handle themselves, I moved toward Phantom with a mad smile on my face.

As I got closer to it, I saw three human Nine Star Golden Elites fighting against it, and their condition did not seem well. They did not seem to even make a scratch on it despite it being on the same level as them.


It roared loudly and attacked again with huge sharp claws which one human tried to defend against using a huge shield but blasted apart like a cannonball.

The phantom Type Mystic Method let us have one cover of energy on their body. This cover provides all the enhancements offense, defense, and speed at the highest degree. It is having all the basic Mystic Method in one.

The Phantom Method that Fire Horn Lionmen is using lets it have energy cover in the form of Phantom Lion.

This Phantom Lion is 13 Meters long with a very muscular body that has a fire line covering all over it. It made this Phantom Lion look very threatening and Majestic at the same time.

It had now taken the blurring leap toward the human which it had just flung. It had its very sharp claws out and it was very clear on what it is trying to do using them.

The other humans move to intercept, but they are too slow, the speed of Phantom Lion is too fast that when they reach their friend, he will already be in pieces.

"F.u.c.k Off!"

I appeared in front of the Phantom Lion and swung my sword at the claws at it, this attack of mine is not normal, it not only had all my strength but also have the cover of dark sand which I had done after so many days as the Enchantment of my sword is enough to cut through anything.

But for this attack, I have to do this; it is the most dangerous attack I've ever faced, and if I did not give my all, then I will pay a heavy price.


Hearing my curse, its eyes turned bright red and roared angrily as it increased the power of its claws, wanting to slice me into the thousand pieces.


Finally, its claws and my sword clashed, and I thought It would cut through it, but to my horror, I felt my sword clash with something metallic.

Just as that happened, I saw a crafty smile appearing on the ferocious face of the Phantom Lion, but I did not have time to think about that.

As right next moment, the humon

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