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"Just half an hour more!"

I muttered under my breath; I am not planning to enter the Mariana Hill directly. I am planning to linger around at its boundary for one to two days, fight some Grimm monsters to get the idea about their power before entering inside.

If I enter directly just reading the information provided by the Guild, then I would be the biggest idiot.

This mission, unlike any other mission I've ever done, here stakes are very high. The slightest mistakes on my part and could get me drowned under the attack of the hundreds of Grimm monsters.

So I must be as cautious as possible, so I would not make any silly mistake and lose my life like an idiot.

I have already decided on the location of my landing. That place has been flashing on the holographic map projected in front of me, minutes passed by and soon we reach the destination, seeing that, I jumped out of Ashlyn and asked her to revert back to her original size.

She had been flying for fourteen hours straight, though she is not much tired, she is still a little tired and needs some rest before she could return to her peak.

We have done quite a great thing; we have crossed the distance that needs at least a day in fourteen hours and mind you; this is not Ashlyn's Peak speed but her regular speed, which did not take much of her stamina.

If she had flown with her peak speed, then four hours would be more than enough to reach here.

As I was flying down to land on the biggest hill in the area, I heard the faint sound of fighting from the down below. Feeling curies, I covered myself in the Killing energy and flew downward slowly.

When I got close enough, I was able to see what was happening below, and emotions of anger couldn't help but arouse in my heart.

Below me, I saw fifty-something Grimm Monsters fighting against seven Humans, but that is not what angered me, the thing that had angered me is that there are sixty to seventy humans are in the corner in a wretched state.

They are bound with magical chains, and their clothes are torn from every angle, clear whip marks could be seen from their bodies as most of them are fresh and bleeding slightly.

It is very clear that the Grimm monsters have captured these humans, and now they are taking them to their camps before they will shift them to their main base. This is the way; they supply humans to their main camps.

Currently, Seven humans are fighting the whole fifty-something Grimm monsters, and their condition also is very bad. The Grimm Monsters have completely surrounded them and are attacking them from all sides.

I could sense the power of both groups and could tell that these seven humans would die withou

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