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Step Step Step… Puh

As our swords clashed, it was nearly flung away if not for it stabilizing itself on time before taking steps back forcefully, which cast a backlash as it puked the blood.

I did not let this opportunity go wasted and attacked by activating a mini blast on my hands and feet. Normally those who use Greatsword prepare stability and defense rather than speed, but I did not; I knew that it is the speed that suits me the best, and it is better that I continue with my previous path.

And it's not like I have any problem going that route; even with Greatsword, I can maintain my speed which is slightly slower than me using the light sword.

With me having a mini blast, I won't have to worry about the speed, with a single mini blast, I could increase the power and speed of my attacks, and that is the reason why that mambaman did not dodge my attack earlier and choose to defend despite being an agility and speed type fighter.

My attack was too fast for it to perform any of dodging maneuvers if it tried it would have been split into two right now.

Clang! Bang bang bang...

It had just taken a few steps back when it saw my attack coming, its eyes went wide seeing it made it hastily put up a defense. This time the attack was more powerful than before, and with it hastily put defense, it was not able to control its body properly and shot back like an arrow while puking the blood and crashing across the several trees.

Clang Clang Clang...

Puh Puh Puh…

Like a bloodhound on its tail, I again activated mini blast and followed after with only one intention in my mind, and that is to kill, but it seemed like I had underestimated this Silver Tongue Mambamn too much.

Though it is getting hit by me over and over, it still somehow would always defend against my attack. Every time I would launch an attack at it, it would somehow produce a defense and survive.

Time passed by as I continued bashing the Silver Tongue Mambaman, and like always, it would defend just like how it had defended against me second ago.

Many things happened during half an hour, first and foremost, Ashlyn had killed that Idiot of the Monster, just a few minutes after my fight with mambaman started. Since then she is patrolling the area of my fight, killing any monster that came inside, she even killed another Eight Star Elite who had dared to go inside and found one Black Grade Origin Origin Water, which she had no interest in.

Not only did she have no interest in the Black Grade Origin Water, but she also did not have any interest in the White Grade Origin Water. Two days ago, when I offered it to her, she flat out declined it, saying she is not in

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