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I practiced till late night, by the time the sword left my hand, I was completely drenched in my sweat and did not even have the energy to walk. Using a heavy sword is very difficult, one needed to have quite a raw strength if one wanted to fight using it.

I had just practiced with it for barely seven hours, but I am already this tired; if I had practiced with Red sword, then currently, I would still have the energy to fight several high-intensity battles.

The Grimm Monsters used Heavy weapons due to their immense energy and high vitality, which gave them amazing raw strength; in the direct battle, I have to use the technique to contend against their raw power.

On the other hand, it is very difficult for humans to use such weapons, we have inherently weak bodies, and it is very difficult for us to contend against them in terms of physical strength, and that is why there are very few humans who use heavy weapons.

Currently, I am quite great at physical strength compared to other humans, and I am confident that I have practiced enough; I will be able to master the sword. I already have the strength I needed, I just now have trained hard that I developed the stamina to use in the long term and skill to use it with the same precious I used my red sword.

I touched the Grimm Sword that had fallen into the ground and stored it inside my storage, yes I've named the sword 'Grimm Sword,' though to others might think this name may seem too simple, I like it, and that is all that matters.

I looked at Rachel who is still busy absorbing the energies inside the dome; she had already sucked away the energies of Mana Crystal, now the energies going into the body are that Vaporise which are very and each of particle of it filled with the dense energy, it will take her quite time to absorb all the black energy, probably morning.

I watched her a few seconds before I walked out of the training hall and went to my room, where I first took a shower before lying on the bed on the bed to sleep.

I fell into sleep as soon as my head touched the pillow; it was the late morning when I woke up. I quickly freshened up before I walked toward the Training Hall.

When I reached the training hall and looked at Rachel's condition, I found she had already finished absorbing all the energies into her body, and now her body is covered in the dense purple smoke, which her figure is quite obscure that I wasn't able to see anything.

'I wonder how long this Awakening would last and what changes will Rachel have.' I asked myself, it is clear that looking at all signs of Inheritance, Legacy, or whatever Rachel had received is out of the Ordinary, I couldn't help but get excited thinking about what changes she will wake up.

I have to train hard, and so when she wakes up, I will still be capable enough to fight against her.

I watched her for ten minutes before I walked to the kitchen and about to start making breakfast myself. I sensed somethin

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