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"They have left!" I said as I saw the airship that twins sat moving into the clouds.

"Let's go back!" Rachel said, I nodded, and we walked outside of the airport before taking the air. We soon landed in front of our apartment building and walked inside it hand in hand.

When we reached our apartment, Rachel directly took me to the big training hall before she let go of my hand and took out formation drawing ink, when I smelled its fragrance I was quite surprised.

I smelled the Black Grade Origin Water from it and a very powerful monster blood smell, which made me shudder a little, the blood she had used likely from the Lord Grade monster.

With such powerful ink, she started to draw a formation, I first thought formation would be one or two meters long, but to my surprise, the spherical formation had encompassed nearly all Practice Hall, and it took Rachel nearly two hours to draw.

I watched her silently and could help but amazed by the elegance she emits when she does something with full concentration.

After she finished drawing the formation, she came toward me and stretched her hand silently; I know what she meant, and without saying anything, I took out a bottle that is completely filled with the White Grade Origin Water.

"Thousand Drops should be enough for Awakening!" she said as she took out a thousand drops into the small bowl before she placed the bottle into her storage, seeing that a smile couldn't help but appear on my face.

After that, she started to take out the Stuff and to see the stuff; even I felt a little surprised.

"From the little memories that Inheritance had given me, except for Origin Water, the ritual also needs the energy to awaken inheritance inside me, a lot, and lots of energy!" Rachel said as she uploaded millions of Mana crystals on the formation.

The mana crystals are smaller than the thumbnail, but when one has more than twenty million of them, it is enough to fill the whole formation to the brim and now except for a one-meter circle in the center nearly, all the formation is filled with mana crystals.


I had thought she was finished but would enter the formation when she took out a fist-size thing that scared the hell out of me that I started shaking on spot and took a couple of steps back in fear, the thing she had taken out is more fearful than the World Tear.

"Wh…where the hell did you get that Vaporizer?" I asked in a shaking voice, that shiny black rock in her hand is a known Cosmic Burster, though the one in her hand is the lowest grade, it is enough to vaporize the whole city and area around it.

The reason I am fearful about it because that thing is fucking unstable, a slight mistake and it vaporise the whole city.

It was so dangerous that the Grimm Battlefield put it in the Grade 1 Danger category if anyone found with it, th

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