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"I would have won it if I had a few more days to practice my abilities." Rachel said grumpily as she put down her sword. I smiled, seeing her and directly kissed her lips as I put my sword away.

"At least you know how to please a girl!" Rachel said smilingly as I let off the kiss after a minute later and sat down on the ground with Rachel to rest.

We have fought for five hours, and such a fight had made us really tired, especially me, who was using the Greatsword all the while.

As we sat on the ground, we did not talk, each of us busy in our own thoughts. I don't know what she is thinking, but I had closed my eyes and started to go over the battle that I had just fought.

The battle was amazing, and I have obtained many things from it, especially realization. As long as I had practiced what I had learned, my ability to wield the Greatsword will improve by leaps and bounds before it matches that of the light sword.

Currently, I am only feeling slight tiredness, which is also recovering at quite speedily, so even if we have been attacked by some powerful Grimm Monster of similar strength, I have the confidence to beat it to the pulp.

"Let's go!" I said after ten minutes, Rachel nodded, and we flew into the air, this time there was no race, no hurry, we both were quietly flying in the sky, relishing the feeling of flying.

Today is my first time flying in the air openly, aside from the hours I had put practicing in the training room. Flying feels very good, it is much better than running on the air, and the void boots are quite faster compared to normal air travel through the air waking skills.

But the speed of Void Boots could not be compared to the speed I got through using the Mini Blast or using the methods, the speed they gave could not be compared to the mini blast.

"Its feels good to fly, isn't it." Rachel said after some time; I couldn't help but nod. Flying with the help of Void Boots is most relaxing, I just have to pass my mana into the normal artifact and add command though my soul energy.

This is the only thing I have to do as Void Boots help me fly on their own, which is completely different from the air walking skill, which is just running on the air.

With the void boots, there is no need to use air walking skills as it can do what air walking skills could do and much more. I will have to practice with it for sometime before I could become proficient in it.

We moved through the sky silently, the only sound we heard was that air which was swishing across our ears.

On the way to the city, we got disturbed a few times by some daring Grimm monsters who were killed by us before it could utter a single word.


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