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The response of the Tower is quite simple; it wants me to activate it and refine the energy through it, a frown couldn't help but appear on my face as if I refine the energy Grey Energy with it, will simply become mana but seeing I have no choice, I activated the Tower.

Just as I activated the refinement Tower, Grey Energy moved from the base of the flower to the base of the Tower, and whatever new energy got sucked up by the flower will also move toward the Tower from below the flower.

One by one, the runes of the first floor of the Tower started to lit up when I began to refine and when half the runes of the Tower had lit up, it sucked the wisp of energy below and started to refine.

My face had become quite ugly seeing that, but I have no choice but to continue as all the energies are in the Tower, I will have to refine the energies whether I wanted or not.


I thought the whole wisp would turn into mana, but when the three-fourths of first-floor Runes lit up, something amazing had happened, which made me extremely happy.

A Dark Grey Energy came out of the Tower, just looking at energy was enough to make me shudder, though the amount of Grey energy is very little, it doesn't matter.

The Tower had taken the Grey Energy and concentrated it, though half it took it for its own refinement, it is still worth it.

That dark energy moved up to the base of the Runic Flower and immediately got sucked inside, and a moment later, it had filled the petal by a few percents.

Seeing that, I became very happy and completed the remaining one-fourth of the process quickly, which refined another half of Grey mana into mana and filled its nearly empty storage.

I usually practice with my physical strength, but I give some time to practice my magical attacks, which have also become powerful due to the pure mana, I was going to refine some mana from the Medicinal Energy, after I finished with Mystic Method but looked like now I won't have to.

I continued to refine the mana for me, and soon, I was able to fill the whole storage and three and a half petals of Runic Lily also completely filled with Dark Grey energy.

Although my mana storage is full, I continued refining the energy, and this time, since there was no more storage to fill, all the grey energy went toward the Runic Lily.

With all the energy moving toward the Grey Lily, the process got faster. After nearly one and a half-hour later, I was able to fill all the petals brim with grey energy, but seeing that, I did not stop as there was still quite a grey energy below the flower.

I continued and refined the Grey Energy until all the Grey Energy below the flower got refined, and it stopped sucking new grey energy from the environment. My body had reached the limit of the amount of Grey energy it safely handles.

I now have six attacks worth of Dark Grey Energy in the Petals of Runic lily and three attacks worth of Dark Grey Energy in reserve.

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