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Thank You, Avery Robinson, Vito Reinaldo, Walter Sanchez, Mitsogon, Giorgi Metreveli, Jules Matrat for your Patronage on P a t r eon. (You can read 30 chapters at p a t r eon at the half price of Privilege, Link: P a t r e o n.com/monsterintegration)


I had just gotten out of my tired state after performing a Body Cleaning Technique when I saw the purple smoke had filled the whole dome, and inside it, faint purple lightning could be seen flashing.

'This is quite a change!' I thought as I saw the beautiful flashes of lightning in the purple smoke, as time passed, the purple smoke got thicker and thicker, and the rate of flashes also kept increasing inside it.

This scene inside the dome looked so beautiful that I kept watching it for half an hour before I snapped out of it, shaking my head. I created some distance between me and the dome, so it could not distract me on what I am about to do as for that, I need a lot of energy.

I sat a little distance away and took out a small thing from my storage; this all thing is a similar size of a fingernail. It is the speck of the medicinal monster's core, which I was so fearful about eating before.

Even the core of the lowest stage medicinal monsters was able to create a shudder across my body. It is in the core where the real essence of medicines they had eaten is stored, the medicine energy inside is so powerful that even normal Major Stage would explode by eating it.

I am using this tiny speck of medicinal monster core to refine the energy, I know my body could handle bigger, but there is no need for it as it would be more than enough for refinement.


I placed the thin speck on my lips, and the next moment, It completely melted away and transformed into a large torrent of medicinal energy and started to revolve around my body. The Torrent of Medicinal energy was so great that even I am having a slight problem handling it.

I let it circulate over my body, the more it circulates, the more it will leave behind some parts which will be snacks for a little snake when I practice again.

I let it circulate inside my body for a few minutes before I activated my Refinement Engine. 'Operating this tower is still hard as before!' I said as I started to operate it and soon runes on the first floor started to light up one after another.

When the ruin reached halfway, it had finally sucked the large chunk of medicinal energy and started to refine; I have to say compared to Grey energy, the medicinal energy is great despite it being refined in large amounts compared to a wisp of Grey energy I had refined.

I kept operating the Refinement Engine with all my efforts, though refining medicine energy may not be as hard as Grey Energy, it is still quite difficult, and I have to give my all when I am refining such a large amount.

Finally, after some time, I had able to refine that load of medicinal energy and when I looked into the tower's mana storage about h

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