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"You are not too bad yourself!" Rachel said with a half-smile before she took back her sword at a lightning-fast speed before attacking at me with ever faster speed than before.

I am completely shocked seeing this and caught quite an off guard. Honestly, till now, I have been too much depending on the Killing Rule, I have barely come across anyone which could ward off the senses given to me by killing Rule. I have sort of developed a complete dependence over it.

Even when two friendly people fight, there is killing intent or battle lust which effuses with a tiny bit of killing intent, with me concentrating me, I could easily tell when my opponent is going to attack.

But with Rachel, it is completely different, forget the Killing intent, I was not even able to sense her battle power and power stage. I could say that I am fighting handicapped against her.

From now on, I will have to lessen my need for Killing Rule or I will surely pay a heavy price if I come across an enemy which could ward off senses of killing Rule.


Seeing her sword quickly approaching me, I activated the mini blast with the full power. I have no choice but to use the full power of my swirling Armor if I do not use it, then that sword is going to approach my neck.


Our weapons clashed again with more power than the last time, still, despite cash being powerful, both of us had no change, our bodies not even able to shake even slightly.


Loud changing sound continues to ring out across the Barren land as our weapons keep clashing, with each of our moves being stronger than the other, but no matter how much power we have increased, it seems not to affect others.

Hundreds of moves would clash in a minute, with each attack having the motive to reach the weak point of others, but it seemed like our strength was so similar that we seemed to neutralize each other's attacks.

To be honest, I am quite enjoying it and her not so much, Rachels's face scrunched up in anger as any of her attacks are not getting past my defense. The Greatsword is not only good for the powerful attacks, but they are also great for defense; their heaviness and big size make them perfect to use them as defensive artifacts.

As time passed, I could feel myself improving at the breakneck speed, the clumsiness and faulty moments with the greatswords are lessening. I am not the only one who is improving, Rachel also seemed to be improving at very speed, and her speed is no less than me.

It looks like her inheritance has also increased her learning and comprehension ability.

The intense clash went on for more than an hour, with both of us not wanting to back dow

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